Partial walkthrough part one

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User Info: Keith_I

5 years ago#1
Angel Code: A Linda Hyde Mystery.

Go right to old garage. Get axe from tree stump on left. Use axe on chain. Go inside and do the hidden object. Back to front of house, pick up rock at lower left. Click the window, use rock on window. Click table twice and do hidden objects. A new puzzle, observe shadow outline at upper left, pick object that matches. Three more different things to pick.

Click the door and you’ve been locked inside. At right of screen, move large vase, chair, corner of rug, bookcase. Use key on trapdoor, use ladder to climb down. Click hammer twice to pick it up. Use hammer on all 8 window panels. Click box on left and do hidden objects. Use 4 inscribed pieces on star shaped thing. Click on the goblet. Click dialogues to start chapter 1. You can quit here to automatically save.

Chapter 1: Rome.
Close to house, take axe from right railing. Back up, go right to shed and use axe on chain, click door and do hidden objects. Go back to house, use key on door, go inside and enter room on right. Click the table twice and do hidden objects. Move the vase, chair, rug corner, and book case. Unlock trapdoor, use ladder to climb down. Click light switch on left.

Find and do hidden objects. Check the window to see an angel. Outside, pick up the angel statue to find a ring. Click dialogues to chapter two. Click through scenes. Click all over the ring to realize it might be fake. You’re hiding from the priest. You can quit/save here.

Click different hiding places while priest has his back to you. Notice numbers around door. Stones have Templar crosses around it. Click in this order, extreme upper right, mid left, bottom right, upper left, middle right, bottom left.

After dialogues, to open inner door, press the buttons till bars go away. Inside a painting on left is missing pieces. Find all five and go through tunnel. In the chapel, click correct spot twice and do hidden objects. Click the devil statue’s chest 8 times. Click the revealed church and follow dialogues to chapter two. In the church you can quit/save.

Click twice on the statue to the right. Use ring on empty spot on the statue. Use your coin on the lock and take the blue moon box. Click again to get coin and ring back. Outside to the upper right, speak with all 8 villagers. The tower guard won’t let you pass. Sneak till guard leaves, enter tower. Click debris on right for hidden objects.

Pick up eight pieces of paper on stairs. Go up stairs. Close inventory. Move all 8 boards. Set up your ladder and you hide. Talk to the guide and he opens an exit door. After talking, you must piece together pages. Double click them to rotate each one. A correct piece stays in place. After arriving in Chinon, you can exit/save.

You’re in an underground room. Click back of room twice to move things. A hole has numbers around it, 1 7 9 2. In next room, click bottle 1792 to get a key. Click barrels in back for hidden objects. In first room, use key to unlock gate. Put three handle parts in hole and enter a cell. See those sparkles, use chisel on all six and get amulet pieces. Put them together. After dialogues, you go to chapter III.
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