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User Info: DeVazTioN

4 years ago#1
I'm currently on the mission "The girl who hates the 50's/ He lives" and when I reach the loading screen, it loads forever. I can still access the dashboard and go to home but I can't progress further into the game. I have the game installed and I haven't been playing for long. Help??

User Info: spikethedevil

4 years ago#2
There is nothing anyone can do to help when it comes to game freezes tbh but only advice I can give is

A) How long is not long?
B) Hot hot is your 360?
C) Turn your 360 off and on and try again
A garbage pod!? Its a smegging garbage pod!

User Info: DeVazTioN

4 years ago#3
Long as in not even 10 minutes. My Xbox isn't hot at all. I've turned it off and on constantly.

User Info: blasninja

4 years ago#4
I had the same problem. What I noticed was I was blowing up the murderbots by the office, and each time it did the loading screen it froze. I got around it by luring them away first and by not using explosion causing guns on them or near the office. Hopefully that'll work for you too.

User Info: DeVazTioN

4 years ago#5
Nope, tried that and it still didn't work. Hopefully there's an update because I can't even finish the game plus I've done everything else in the game.

User Info: big_mat_attack

4 years ago#6
I have the same issue in the exact same spot. Nothing is working for me. This is really frustrating.

User Info: Eagles2321

4 years ago#7
Same here. I tried that part about 10 times and it still won't load up. Looks like I'm collecting clusters until there's a fix for it.

User Info: TheGharis5000

4 years ago#8
The same thing happened to me. Although I tried the luring-the-murder-bots-away method using no explosions and it worked. But then then I encountered the same infinite loading error at the next load point after that. Hopefully an update will fix it. This is really frustrating.

User Info: pyrox39

4 years ago#9
Uninstall the game so it loads off the disk.

Most likely an install problem, but for now disk should work.

User Info: Phybe8510

4 years ago#10
I know this is the x360 board, but I wanted to say that this bug isn't isolated to the console; I encounter the same bug on the PC/Steam version as well.. I hope a fix is released soon.
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