Cheat-Free Coop?

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User Info: _GameGirl_

4 years ago#1
Anyone up for some co-op right now? I don't want to use cheats (I want the achievements). Message me!
PSN: Gamegirl1028
XBL: Gamegirl1028

User Info: Draco_Deathmoor

4 years ago#2
Sure, I can play with you.
I sent you a message on Xbox Live.
GT: Draco Deathmoor


4 years ago#3
I had this problem big time with SR3rd... literally EVERYONE who joined my game or who's game I tried joining used cheats...

I have no problem with the way others play their games, but I was seriously pissed that i could never ever find a legit game, especially since i needed help with some of the chop shops...
BASS ~Club CarDoor~Official Team PS4 Member
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