Saints Row 4 rift jump *spoilers*

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User Info: Aelphais

4 years ago#1
So a friend and I are co oping this. We were running through the starter area right after having gone to the ship. We did two sidequests, one unlocked dubstep gun the other unlocked infinite sprint. Then we did a bunch of activities around the map (only on the starter island) and did a fourth sidequest that we activated and then turned in immediately. It sounded like it was going to unlock extra blast powers but didn't seem to do much of anything.

Then we found a rift jump activity and all of a sudden this AI was talking to us like it knew us and we had promised it something. We finished that and decided to continue the main story. The main story quest took us to another training area where the AI gave us fire blast and asked us to keep our end of the bargain about a new body for it.

This feels very disjointed, is it supposed to be like this or did we sequence break because we did too many sidequests or something.

User Info: Kabal26

4 years ago#2
You broke sequence, the Rift activities are meant to be played after you've unlocked CID as a homie.
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