is it impossible to get hits?

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User Info: ViperVinCG123

5 years ago#1
is anyone else having a hard time getting hits in this game?? I'm using the Phillies through franchise mode and have 3 wins and 12 losses. I'm only giving up on average about 2 or 3 runs a game, but just can't get guys on base. Everything I hit goes directly to a player. I have the difficulty setting on veteran for both pitching and hitting and make contact mostly all the time only striking out maybe 3 times a game and the only runs i seem to get are homeruns which are usually very rare. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

User Info: sbunce5

5 years ago#2
Search the board for hitting topics. There's quite a few on here that will help out.
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User Info: LeadPipeCinche

5 years ago#3
take your time , take pitches and swing at good pitches to hit.
i end up with double digit hits every gam playing on all star (no edited sliders).
its not like i score a ton either as my games will still end up with scores like 1-0, 2-3, etc.
but it could be because ive been playin this series since the original game (98 i believe) on the ps1.
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User Info: randy_123r

5 years ago#4
I've been getting better at hitting. Before I used to be terrible.

Usually on the first pitch I guess a fast ball and some location. If I don't get both correct I'll let the pitch go. If the first pitch is a strike, most likely the second pitch will be a ball.

Guess pitching kinda helped me out as well. If I guess wrong at a location, I can focus on another location. I usually guess fastball all the time, and if you guess wrong, you can expect a slower pitch and can time your swing accordingly. Mostly though, you don't want to swing at borderline pitches. If the pitch looks like it's going to be at the edge of the strikezone, I won't swing at it unless I guess both the pitch and the zone correctly.

You can also change the camera view. There's a setting where you can make the view closer and lower to the plate, it helps a lot. Also, pitchers will pitch you in a pattern. The most obvious ones are those who will only pitch away to you. You can then guess that location and pound on them. Some like to come inside then outside, while others will only throwing breaking pitches.
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User Info: Tainted_

5 years ago#5
The moment I decided to stop using the guess pitch feature and just watch the ball and hit it like in the baseball games of my youth I started hitting much better. I think the penalties for guessing the pitch and/or location incorrectly are much worse in this game, or the benefits for guessing correctly aren't as good as in past iterations.

You won't swing and miss at as many out of the zone but correctly guessed pitches, and I found it greatly improved my pitch recognition ability as I really didn't realize how much of a crutch the guess pitch feature had become for me until I stopped using it.

Trust me-- take the leap and stop guessing pitches. Just watch the ball and if it's getting enough of the plate, let 'er rip!

Eventually you can figure out what parts of the zone you're better at hitting balls in and you can from then on be even more selective-- looking not only for strikes, but THAT strike that you're going to hit out of the park. For me it's outside fastballs. If they're high, I tend to wait on them and go opposite field-- I probably hit most of my fastball homers to opposite field. If they're low, however, I find it easier to pull them almost right down the line. And then anything offspeed in the zone is just a matter of being patient and unloading on it at the last second. I smack hanging sliders/change ups/breaking balls to all fields for homers, and I find they're the easiest to hit out of the park because the pitcher has typically made a mistake in location and as long as you're patient and wait to unload on it, it'll go boom.
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User Info: TheDamnGame

5 years ago#6
I'm a pretty free swinger. But I find that patience does get rewarded in this game. I use guess pitch basically so I know whether or not I'm getting a fastball or not. Then I time accordingly. My team has a. 275 average through 120 games. I've taken more walks this years game than any other...and my top guy only has 13 walks if that tells you anything lol. Wait for mistakes...crush those. The outer edge pitches..I foul those off a lot till I get a mistake hopefully lol. Baseball is filled with failure friends..
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User Info: gjs123

5 years ago#7
Baseball is a game where you get rewarded very well for only hitting 20% of the time.
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User Info: TheDamnGame

5 years ago#8
Umm 20 percent of the time would only be .200 wouldn't get rewarded well at all for hitting .200. In fact .. in MLB if you hit .200 consistantly.. you'd be sent back to the minors or given your release. Unless every hit you got was a homerun .. ala Rob Deer of the late 80's, early 90's. Haha. No you get rewarded well if you get a hit 30 percent of the time.
If I could moderate, I'd delete most of you from life!

User Info: BJaco0678

5 years ago#9
^ 30% is right, read my quote from one of the greatest.
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User Info: Jeff AKA Snoopy

Jeff AKA Snoopy
5 years ago#10
Tainted was totally right. As soon as I stopped doing the pitch prediction, I started hitting WAY better.
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