Training Assignments In Franchise Mode = Utterly Useless

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User Info: HarryPrivate

5 years ago#1
Honest to God, these training sessions do absolutely NOTHING to improve the abilities of players in the course of a Franchise Mode season. For example, I've been doing the bullpen, pitching coach, and pitch simulated game assignments all the way back since the start of spring training up until my 126th game of the season for my starters and to tell you the truth it doesn't improve squat in terms of attributes.

I'm using the Blue Jays and their pitching is horrible, but even looking at their attributes, the meters don't increase during the season, which they should depending on how good they've played in the starts. The two pitchers I can always rely on are Jesse Litsch who's a RP and Roy Oswalt, who I signed as free agents. and I can always count on them because they have good pitch control.

This is why I think these training assignments are useless because if I've been doing the same training assignments for more than 126 games including spring training and my mediocre control pitchers like Brandon Morrow, Henderson Alvarez, Francisco Corderio etc should have good pitch control, but they don't and their control attribute I need to throw dead center to get a strike and that's not good against teams like the Yankees.

It's frustrating that with good control pitchers, I can basically throw just above the plate within the pitching square and it the spot I want, and with the rest it takes 10 pitches just to hit a good location.

The devs need to improve on this in MLB '13 where training assignments and in game pitching/hitting reflect on pitcher's/hitting attributes for season progression like they did with NHL '11 by having players earn XP. If a player does training assignments day in and day out, he should have excellent attributes.

User Info: Stratocaster25

5 years ago#2
I've noticed this too. I've also noticed that the computer likes to change things around too. I went in mid season to double check some of the assignments and it had one of my outfielders taking infield practice. WTF?
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