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User Info: Excaliber010

4 years ago#1
Should I follow the advancement goals to the letter, or hoard as much points as possible and spend it all in one place? Cause it seems like so far the goals aren't doing much.

Granted I haven't played much, I mean I played the 09 version a lot more and seemed like they were pointless. Is it different in this one?

Also I sustained a 60 day injury too so maybe that's why I don't see much point it them since I've only gone through a few goals so far. Maybe 2 or 3 sets.

I'm also playing this on the vita but that board is more dead than this one so figured I'd try this one.
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User Info: dutch4404

4 years ago#2
you are going to want to follow the goals. if you have 4 goals you need to pass at least 3. if you fail to do this a couple times in a row you will get benched. for the training points, i use freely on whatever i want up until i see less than a week left in the goal period. then i save them till the next set of goals and use them on which ones it tells you
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