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User Info: c_yoder

4 years ago#1
In the Roster Vault, there is a roster called "WBC 2013 All Team" (uploaded by user CalebJCortez) on Feb 23. Though I noticed he seemed to take some creative liberties (i.e. Ichiro is on Team Japan in his rosters, but not in the actual WBC), the rosters are fairly accurate. I made a mapping of the WBC teams in his roster, to the MLB teams they were assigned in the game.

TOR - Canada
CLE - Puerto Rico
KC - Italy
MIN - Chinese Taipei
ANA - Spain
OAK - Mexico
SEA - Australia
TEX - Dominican Republic
NYM - Brazil
PHI - China
CIN - Cuba
MIL - Japan
ARI - Venezuela
LAD - Korea
SF - Netherlands

Grab the roster while MLB 12 is still online!
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