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Do Sliders matter?

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User Info: CurtisC925

4 years ago#1
I am one of many having great trouble playing this game. I have it on easy with htting sliders on max and still can not get good hits I am not that bad. I have zone targeting on and have hit the ball on target with perfect timing many times only to have it grounded or caught in air. With the sliders I have set to max I should be getting home runs every time yet have not noticed a difference at all.

This is discouraging and I want to like this game enough to play through franchise and after buy the next game as well.

User Info: Keithy2Teeth

4 years ago#2
Try changing zone hitting to timing hitting and then go the practice on the main menu and once you get good hitting like that(it might take a while) then change it back to zone. Also you have to remember to never swing a too bad of pitches because then all you will do is swing and miss.
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  3. Do Sliders matter?

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