Predetermined Outcomes

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User Info: sjg132

3 years ago#1
I feel like there is too strong a correlation between player performance and AI performance in a game sometimes. That is to say that I believe there is some sort of "comeback AI." I know that the devs have denied this, but note that there does not necessarily need to be a script entirely devoted to keeping games from being blown out of proportion. It can be the sum of many different lines of code, scattered throughout the programming of the game. So there might be no purposeful comeback AI, but it can still be there.

It's just that when I have a big inning, the AI responds in the next half inning or in the inning after that with an offensive tear almost equal to or exceeding the magnitude of my volley of runs. Sometimes this does not happen and I walk away with a huge victory. But the former happens much more often than it should.

Another example: In Chise, a pitcher (any pitcher, AI or Player) who is doing extremely well will eventually be impossibly difficult to pitch with, even if you try to redo starts over and over again just to see, he always sucks. (Whether you sim or not.) Conversely, if a pitcher is handing out runs, he will eventually become no-hitter material. I know that baseball has its ups and downs, but it is my firm belief that events are construed to happen in such a way that exceeds the boundaries of usual variance in performance. (AKA too many comebacks, too many 1-4 hit games, too many hitfests, not enough usual games in between the extremes)

Any thoughts?

And don't get me started about 13's Player Progression system.

User Info: jayman1957

3 years ago#2
to that I can only say this, I like to manage my Franchise. I'm a Detroit Tigers fan, and I had Rick Porrcello on the mound pitching a 2 hit shutout going into the 9th inning, leading 5=0 he's currently 3rd in my league in complete games and he's sporting 11-0 record going into the All Star break. well he walked the first guy playing the Royals 10 games back.. okay I got my closer out. Warming up. the next guy flies out to right field, okay one down man on first the number 8 hitter hits a grounder off Porcellos foot, infield hit I still wanted him to get his complete game closer wasn't warm (Nathan) number 9 hitters up 1st n 2nd 1 out the number 9 hitter comes up 1 HR all yr. I visit the mound Nathans ready, still think My starter can do this so I leave him in Boom 3 run blast! Ok 5-3 in comes Nathan. They ended up scoring 3 more runs and I lose 6-5. fate or fix? 42,000 fans went home mad. if I woulda went to my closer sooner does he still hit that Hr? Btw Nathan at the time had 17 saves and an era under 2. 2I guess that's just baseball
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