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User Info: TheGungnirGuy

4 years ago#1
Greetings fellow fans and whatnot.

Certainly not the first one to make a topic about my experience on the game, but none of the ones that cover it are usable, so I figured I would start up a new one.

As the title says, spoilers spoilers everywhere, as this is my thoughts in general on all the endings and whatnot, I'm also doing this in the order I got the endings in.


Frankly, her path seemed the easiest to actually get on, as when I started things off I became a bit of a "yes-man" in an attempt to avoid causing problems, and therefor I kinda got roped into Emis little running routine.

Her character felt interesting, what with the whole "Avoiding the problem" personality when it came to herself, and I have to say that I liked her, it also felt really easy to avoid screwing over your ending when it came to the choices, as if you just give her the space she wants things fall into place. Her bad ending felt...well, you kinda had to be really heavy handed to get the bad ending in my opinion, and just a little pathetic.

Hisao himself felt pretty good in this one as well, I didn't blame him for wanting a little trust, and he also took care of his heart the best in this pathway as far as I was concerned. Which is why his bad ending felt meh to me, it looked like you had to force him to be stupid about the whole thing.

Good ending felt nice, adding in the true reasons regarding her distrust, and it felt like even if they split in different directions after graduation, they could still have one hell of a friendship after the fact. I would say Emi ranks as my second favorite ending of the whole lot.


I'm going to be honest here, it took me a bit to actually get into her path, as I got the roof ending three times before I actually found what I was doing wrong.

Her character interested me from the beginning, what with the competition complex and the whole interpreter thing, she felt like she really cared about what she did, no matter what she was doing.

That's kinda why her story kinda felt...well, a bit of a let down.

It started out strong, what with learning about the two of them and how they operate, but once the vacation happened, things felt a little off.

As far as "Passion scenes(That's what I am calling them.)" go, the first one felt weird. And it didn't help matters later when Misha had the single most awkward scene in the entire game, feeling just wrong in general.

Then we come to the topic of her father...

He was written to be disliked, that much I believe. He had very few redeeming features about him, just serving to kinda show where Shizune gets some of her personality from. It felt like there was supposed to be more with him, but nothing actually happened.

Afterwards, things felt meh, Misha got a ton of development, but I saw next to nothing that I didn't know already about Shizune already. The photo at the end was nice though.

Bad ending wise, I admit that hers felt sad as hell, just showing her looking sad with that little stuffed cat, knowing that she pretty much lost both friends.

Next pair in next post. I think I'm reaching the limit here.
I follow the reign of the mistress of fate and the allfather of the gods, DON'T MESS WITH ME.(Beware, I have thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gvETBG9SqM

User Info: TheGungnirGuy

4 years ago#2
Bloody character limits, the bane of long winded posts involving fictional characters.


One thing you might have noticed is I said nothing about her when I was covering Shizune, that's because I wanted to cover it here, what with talking about her character and whatnot.

It took me another three tries to access her story due to me being an idiot and not thinking that "Oh, Hanako seems to be her shadow, be nice to her, and I should meet her, right?"

I pretty much liked her form the moment she was introduced, call me old fashioned and whatnot, but I have a thing for elegance. Her personality in general was nice, and her dynamic with Shizune was amusing.

Hisao felt...well, it was far from his worst, but he seemed to get hit the hardest with his heart problems in her story. I am actually not sure on how to feel about it to be quite honest.

Her interactions with Hanako felt sweet, in an almost motherly fashion from what I could take from it. Especially with the little tea party scenes. I found it strange however that Hisao deduced she liked Vanilla tea because she liked vanilla ice cream...

When it finally came to the "vacation after a vacation"(IE: The summer house) Things finally started bringing the two of them closer. Her confession felt just a little Cliche, but afterwards I have to say that I liked them as a pair. Her "Passion Scene" Felt like it was the best one of the lot, with the least awkwardness leading up to it and after it, hell, even during it.

Also, hearing she was reading "And then there were none" on the train ride back made me grin like an idiot.

Then we have act 4.

To be quite honest, I find it just a little amusing that throughout Lillys act four we get slightly better character development for Hanako than in her own story, her deciding to work with the paper felt pretty nice, as for once she was actually trying to do things herself.

The blindfold scene was cute, and it did manage to show things through her eyes just a little bit.

The return to Scotland made me think that to be honest, Hisao could have done just a little bit better, I can't be the only one who thinks that he could have offered to go to Scotland with her instead of wanting to stay at the school. Yet that never crossed his mind once.

The "Neutral" ending felt...Meh. It didn't even feel like an ending to be honest, just an incomplete version of the real one.

As far as sad scenes go, the good ending was full of em. When the heart attack at the airport happened I half wondered if it was a "bad end" for him. And then we had the whole little speech at the hospital...

Lilly staying to be with him made me smile(I am a sucker for happy endings) but I can't help but wonder if it was actually good for her. Still, I can't say I didn't like it. The after scene threw me off however, after going through two previous paths it was unexpected to say the least.

Despite my opinion on what Hisao should have done, Lillys story felt the most complete out of all of them, and to be quite honest, if I had to pick which ending actually happened, I would choose hers.

As far as Akira went...I really have very little to say about her. She was mildly interesting and was a good character.(even if she gave alcohol to underage people...)

It looks like Hanako is getting a separate post. I really had a lot to say about Lilly...
I follow the reign of the mistress of fate and the allfather of the gods, DON'T MESS WITH ME.(Beware, I have thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gvETBG9SqM

User Info: TheGungnirGuy

4 years ago#3
*Insert more grumbling on character limits here*


The differences between her story and Lillys are rather slim, what with the fact that she was basically her shadow, but I can't say I disliked it.

Hanako almost didn't feel like she should have been a love interest in my opinion, as the romantic feelings didn't really kick in till very close to the end.

Watching her slowly but surely become more and more social felt nice though, and I have to say that the Pool scene was among one of the better ones in the game. I also found the birthday party scenes in both versions to be adorable.

Her chess hobby was mildly interesting(although, I have to wonder why the chessboard wasn't the blind friendly one form Lillys story)

Hisao didn't feel too much different from the Lilly version, just a little more protective, I will admit that he was very stupid in the bad ending.

As far as the endings went...I don't have much to say about the neutral ending as I payed very little attention to it. Actually getting to the path to the good ending was tricky because it seems that the trigger to get Hisao to leave her alone was back a little ways.

The bad ending was interesting, but I felt Hisao was being a moron, she asked to be left alone SEVERAL TIMES, and he just kept running his mouth. What made me sad about the bad ending was her lashing at Lilly as well, considering that Lilly was the one who said that she needed to be given a little space.

As far as her passion scene, the only one that was worse was Mishas, but I covered that. It just felt plain awkward at times, with neither of them feeling better afterwards.

The events following however I liked, having the two of them talk things over and the realization that Hanako didn't actually want to be protected. It ended a little abruptly but I have to say that it was a nice one.

It felt a little short, but otherwise I liked her story.
I follow the reign of the mistress of fate and the allfather of the gods, DON'T MESS WITH ME.(Beware, I have thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gvETBG9SqM

User Info: TheGungnirGuy

4 years ago#4

Hooooo boy. Where do I begin.

To be completely honest, I liked rin better as the side character to Emis path than I did as being the point of one. The art was mildly interesting but I couldn't really feel much about it.

Her character was amusing, I'll give her that in her favor, but watching the two of them fumble through conversations felt just blah.

And speaking of that, we have Hisao.

The entire time I was going through the path I just kept wondering what the hell he was thinking, It seemed like I actively had to prevent him from screwing things up multiple times, and he didn't seem to be enjoying the art club at all, simply being there just because there had to be something to keep him close to Rin.

The art teacher sounded far too self centered when it came to things, caring little about her actual opinions when it came to them, he just felt creepy in general.

One thing going through my head while playing through this story was "Why did we forget the blind artist?" Rin mentions him during the conversations in act 1, and was wondering about him a lot considering how much she talked about him to Emi and Hisao, and yet the moment we go into art club we just forget he even exists.

I feel he would have at least provided something better than Hisao as a focus for the story at times, and maybe a conflicting character.

When we actually got to the art gallery, we got to see a little bit more into Rins head, and I feel that the moments afterwards could have been handled better. Rin rejected Hisao(only character to do that...) and then even asked him just to stay away for a while, something only shared with Emi.

I couldn't help but sigh at the smoking scene, a guy has heart problems and so he smokes? Real good judgment you got there.

And then we go to when he blows up after they meet after the gallery. His anger made no sense to me. She wasn't toying with him as far as I saw things.

The entire time its pretty much a given that she has a hard time with certain concepts, romance itself seems to be one of those, and yet he doesn't seem to get that fact, simply whining the whole time about how "Oh I want to be more than friends" And then straight up yelling at her.

Remember how I said that I thought Hanako probably better off in Lillys story than in her own? That was because romance didn't seem to help her character more. Rin seems to be in the same boat, except whereas Hanako had some things in her favor when it hit that ending, Rin just felt...well, forced. Like it HAD to be a romance.

Her "Passion Scene" was meh at best, I didn't care much for it due to the above but It was better than some of the others.

Her bad ending was sad in certain respects, and it actually showed what she was looking for. I can't really tell whether or not it was better off for her in the end versus the good ending.
I follow the reign of the mistress of fate and the allfather of the gods, DON'T MESS WITH ME.(Beware, I have thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gvETBG9SqM

User Info: TheGungnirGuy

4 years ago#5
And then we have the final character. Kenji.

He was a riot, every time he showed up I was nearly in tears by the time he left just because of his little conspiracy theory's. The shower scene alone made him nearly my favorite character.

His "ending" so to speak was interesting, but I can't help but feel that it's a little sad.
Considering what it takes to reach it, it seems to say that without one of the girls to either drag him around the festival or just be there, he ends up killing himself. And I can't help but be amused at the irony that Kenji warns him about having lunch on the roof with Emi, and yet it's him that ends up causing Hisao to fall off the roof.

What I like about him is that despite the theory's and overall insanity he has, whenever Hisao seems to be in a very terrible mood, he offers help in the way of listening, showing that does see him as a friend.

If I had to list my top five endings, it would be the following.

1:Lilly(Good). Feels like the healthiest romance out of all, and also shows how it might continue.
2:Emi(Good). The first one I got, and honestly it felt nice, it doesn't seem the kind to be a permanent sort of romance, but it's a happy one.
3:Hanako(Good). I kind of prefer her development in Lillys story, but this ending was still good, showing that the two of them have the potential for a happy life.
4:Hanako(Bad). While sad in a few ways, it seems to show that she wants to have control over her own life at the very least.
5: Kenji(Roof). I viewed it as sad because of the whole "Hisao ends up dead" part of it, but I still found myself heavily amused by drunken Kenji.

And that's about it. I feel almost sad to have completely finished the story, but I loved it.

If anyone wants to list their own views, or just ask me about my own, feel free. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the game.
I follow the reign of the mistress of fate and the allfather of the gods, DON'T MESS WITH ME.(Beware, I have thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gvETBG9SqM

User Info: LuminousMeteor

4 years ago#6
I just wanted to say that I read all your posts and enjoyed it :)
Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals <3

User Info: Erpy

4 years ago#7
Interesting analysis:

A few comments:

- Hanako only seems to get more development in Lilly's arc because it ends later. It's kinda apples and oranges. If you check the two routes side by side and look at Lilly's route around the point where Hanako's route ends (namely just before Lilly and Akira return from Scotland), Hanako's not really any further along than in her own route...in face, Hanako seems to face some of her deeper issues there that remained unaddressed in Lilly's route, so ultimately she's still better off in her own arc...you just don't get to see the aftermath of it. Contrary to what you said in the piece about Rin, Hanako IS helped by romance...she really does want to be more than friends with Hisao...it's just the attention Hisao's giving her gets unhealth during the middle of the route.

- Hisao offering to accompany Lilly to Scotland would run against the aesop of the route. Lilly's route is the opposite of Hanako's...instead of being overprotective of his potential girlfriend, Hisao hangs back too much and seems content to let Lilly mother him instead of trying to become a partner on equal footing...and it comes back to bite him when Lilly runs into problems she can't tackle alone and he's unable to help her support her burden. In the good end he realizes this, goes after Lilly and convinces her to do what SHE wants for herself. Had he accompanied her to Scotland, he'd be even more dependant on Lilly than he was before (his own English sucks so he'd have great trouble acclimatizing there) and he'd be doing the same thing she was doing...ignore his own happiness for the sake of someone else.

- Hanako's route seemed cut short, but in order to do a continuation justice, the game'd need at least two more acts. The route ended with a bang instead of fizzling out and that's probably for the best. That said, there's a rather large fan-written epilogue for Hanako's path that's been widely praised by people who liked Hanako's route as giving them a sense of closure while keeping some of the feel of the route in there. It's found at http://ks.renai.us/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6750 in case you're interested.

User Info: Gyrigo

4 years ago#8
What I like the most about this game is spending more time with these various personalities changes the way Hisao thinks, but it never goes to far. He is still clearly the same person in all of them.

I'll kind of comment/respond in the same order you did.


What struck me the most about the Emi route is Hisao has genuine chemistry with her and it hits them early. Being so attracted to her made it difficult for him to behave appropriately. I'd go so far to say that the physical chemistry is outrageously higher than he experiences with any of the other girls but emotionally their relationship is by far the worst, yeah even worse than Rin (wait tell the Rin section with your pitchforks please).

As far as closure goes this ending didn't have it for me but it was an interesting ride. She seemed the least disabled of all the characters, even with her forced wheelchair segment.


omg... I hate slice of life stuff. I can't stand Aria, KON, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya or anything like those and this whole route felt like it had these characteristics in spades. It was long, there was little interaction, and ultimately the whole thing goes nowhere.

In a way this makes sense, I don't fault the story writers, they did Shizune as best as they could have, but she was just a bad character to begin with. Why I think it makes sense is Shizune is all about control and she never really lets go of it, even during the Passion Scenes as you call them. Hisao's only choice is when Shizune is not present to influence his actions, and it is basically cheat on Shizune or don't.

While I think the ending puts forth a good future for Hisao it heavily implies they are going their separate ways and nothing really mattered beyond that he is definitely going to university. Worst closure of all the endings for me, very disappointing.

Oh, but I thought her father was hilarious.


By far my favorite route. Their chemistry develops naturally over time. Hisao's disability is played the most honestly here (well it was pretty honest in Emi's route too). Emotionally they are perfect for each-other once Hisao learns to start giving instead of just taking, taking, taking.

I think it was best for Lilly because from what Akira said it sounded like being with her parents is something she wanted to do for the wrong reasons. Also she wanted to be an English teacher in the Japanese sense so why would she perma-move to an English speaking country? So I think convincing her to stay is the best for everyone, the after the credits scene was amazing.

I agree that if I had to pick a route to be cannon I would go with this one.


I did Hanako's route first so my views might be a bit influenced by that. As far as character development goes she has the most just slightly edging out Rin.

I feel bad doing the other routes (except Lilly) because it seems like Hanako needs you the most. Emi has her problems but she deals with them, Shizune doesn't seem changed by you at all, Lilly would have made a bad decision but it isn't the worst thing ever, Rin is Rin.

I thought their Passion scene was amazing. I might have to replay it to see what you saw. They had feelings and Hanako's reason for starting it might have been wrong but I don't think it was wrong for them and I don't believe Hisao would have figured out how he really felt if it hadn't happened.


Hisao follows Rin around doing nothing and thinking nothing. Surprise he is still an emotional jerk the whole time. He has his stupid outburst no matter how you play it, the only change is when it happens.

Their ending did have closure though. Less than Lilly & Hanako, but more than Emi & Shizune. I don't have high hopes for their future though.


I felt like he was there to just make sure we never forgot this started from 4chan stuff. He was a nice break in most of the routes.
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