A way to record this game with Fraps?

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User Info: fairfolk1

4 years ago#1
I'm havin' a bit of trouble with this game :/. Wanna record it, but fraps doesn't seem to like it. I'm runnin' on a Windows 8 too, so I can't use the Aero desktop function or whatever. Anyone have any ideas?

User Info: cuteboi100

4 years ago#2
Programs like Bandicam can record a any portion that you choose of your screen.
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User Info: iDefinition

4 years ago#3
Can't wait for the adult scenes.
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User Info: fairfolk1

4 years ago#4
Yeah, I'll probably just download some other thing. Fraps is really nice though...Meh, oh well. Time to find some new thing to record with. Guess I'll start with Bandicam.

User Info: jimrichards

4 years ago#5
KS has a full screen option, which may or may not become distorted. It depends on your computer I guess; mine comes out fine but I've heard of others experiencing difficulties. Anyway, set that up, and have Fraps record the whole screen. I've recorded a few things in this way.

By the way, Fraps doesn't pick up KS because it doesn't use DirectX. That's the trigger.
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  3. A way to record this game with Fraps?

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