What's your favorite song in Katawa Shoujo?

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  3. What's your favorite song in Katawa Shoujo?

User Info: baggypantsman

4 years ago#1
My favorite is Afternoon, closely followed by Innocence.
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User Info: Intro1827

4 years ago#2
Parity is awesome, Standing Tall is relaxing.

User Info: deathkiler67

4 years ago#3
mine is moment of decision

User Info: Groudon199

4 years ago#4
Standing Tall, followed by Red Velvet and the prototype version of The Student Council.

User Info: Arken101

4 years ago#5
Stride. Easily.
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User Info: EvenSpoonier

4 years ago#6
Innocence by a landslide, though Afternoon and Parity are also great.
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User Info: batman996

4 years ago#7
Ah Eh I Oh You. And Red Velvet. Gotta love dat tenor sax
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User Info: duh1177

4 years ago#8
Afternoon. By far.
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User Info: darkjeremie

4 years ago#9
I believe I liked "To Become One" the most for a good while but by now I think I'd say "Letting My Heart Speak" easily. Anything with violin (or that sounds like it) or piano tends to be music I enjoy easily.
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User Info: lenne18

4 years ago#10
Three Stars
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