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User Info: psp_jebb

5 years ago#1
Here goes, I bought Unit 13 today (UK) and went to download the Network Pass, so I redeemed the code and preesed next but it didn't download, so I went to Download List and it wasn't there so then I went to Add Ons to DL it from there but when I clicked on it, it came up with the little symbol saying I bought/downloaded it but no download question is, what do I do? Thanks in advance
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User Info: Sammy196

5 years ago#2
if i remember correctly you don't have to download anything it gets linked

to your account so have fun
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User Info: SaijeX

5 years ago#3
I believe I had to redeem a code on PSN and download it. I initially thought it didn't work either because it seemed like it corrupted or did not download right. I went into the game and it would not go online. However, the game patched and when it installed and I went into it again it came online. Have you tried that. I have the US version, not sure of the differences but I hope that helps.
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