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User Info: blue_julius

5 years ago#1
Are there any benefits to completing the first year in the minors, like Playoff bonuses, MVP, etc.? I have about 20 games left in the minor league season and I still Do Not Qualify for Batting Average or other percentages, but lead the league in HRs and RBIs. My minor team is going to make the playoffs while the major team is not.

As far as my personal strategy for those of you who came in here looking for tips, just work on getting your Power Vs. Righties up. Once you hit the 70's you'll start hitting a bunch of HRs, which give you a ton of Batting Points and Baserunning Points (scoring runs). From there Batting Vs. Righties and Speed are all you really need to be very good.
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User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
5 years ago#2
Well it depends. If you're just gonna be called up and have to sit on the bench most of the time because Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols is the first baseman for your team, it might be more worth it to just stay in the minors because you'll get more at bats for more stat gains.

I'm playing My Player as a pitcher, and I'm considering not getting called up too early because minor league players are garbage and even then they're hitting some pretty good pitches despite their awful stats. I get away with a lot of hanigng pitches against them that they don't even punish due to horrible personal stats, yet they also hit perfectly done and placed curveballs and sliders, sometimes even hitting stuff out of the zone and blast it off the wall. So I can only imagine how badly I'd get shelled in the majors where players have double the hitting stats.

For hitter my players, it's probably much easier because you can play every day and will have lots of chances to improve your stats even in the majors, but for pitchers you only get so many games and you can't really improve fast enough. I just threw back to back shutouts and I'm still not really improving at a fast rate. Probably because I need to be striking everyone out, but that isn't happening for me very often thus far. I pretty much made a strikeout pitcher, but I've mostly just been a bastardized version of Greg Maddux, getting a lot of groundouts and pop outs.

Anyway, you also get a lot of bonuses for achieving major league milestones. So if you're going to be getting consistant playtime, it's probably worth it to just go straight up there anyway. Since you're already at 70 Power, you're already roughly at a pretty decent level even for the majors already. What's your contact? Like 60-65? And how about vs lefties? Eye vs righties stat helps decently too.

User Info: PsychoD_Boy

5 years ago#3
You won't be benched when you first get called up. Depending on your overall you'll either play as your primary or secondary position. And if you don't have a secondary I think you override the guy at your primary position. So if you play 1st and 3rd and Fielder is on 1st you will be playing 3rd until you surpass Fielders overall. Even if Cabrera is on 3rd and your overall is like 75 the game will bench Cabrera.

Not the smartest thing the game does but that's what happens. With my player I'm playing for the Tigers at 3rd with Cabrera on 1st and Fielder is permanent DH. I've tried switching to 2nd so either Fielder or Cabrera can play 3rd but the game keeps it the same.

And the only thing really different you'll get experience wise in the majors is a milestone for your first hit/home run/steal etc. in the majors. After that it's the same exp but harder to get because of the difficulty boost. It really comes down to if you think your ready to make the step up or not. If you want to boost your skills a bit first then do it, no rush.

Hope this helps a bit, I'm really tired and I think I may have rambled a little....
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User Info: blue_julius

5 years ago#4
Thanks for the input, guys. I saved my Minor Career and put my LH Power at 60 just to get called up, and I'm hitting fine the majors, but I'm wondering if there is a benefit for playing in the Minor League Playoffs? Also, if I'm not called into the majors by the end of the season, does anyone know if I miss out on Major League Spring Training? I'd like to finish the Minor season because my Major team is way out of contention, but don't want to miss any spring training mini-games.
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User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
5 years ago#5
Um, Minor league playoffs is just extra games. Two 5 game series. If you're an ace pitcher, you only get 2 games max, the game AI is too stupid to play you when you're ready to go, they play the tail end of the rotation anyway unlike what you'd expect in reality.

For a hitter, I'd assume you'd just get 10 extra games of full playing time. You also get a shot at Spring Training too even if you don't qualify to be called up to the majors yet. I'm guessing it's just extra time to meet the requirements.

Personally, I'd rather stay in the minors since it's easier to build up your skills. But if you're kinda tired of it and just wanna go to the majors go ahead. It sounds easier as a hitter than it does as a pitcher. MLB hitters really punish hanging pitches far more than in the minors. Since pitching stats go up so slow, it's tough to make great progress due to the one start every 5 games thing.

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