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User Info: Cloudslayer2007

3 years ago#1
Has anyone found this yet? One of the Trophies is to defeat Meth Heads using the Evil Cartman Goatee and the Bald Cap, the Evil Goatee is found in Cartman's house but I have yet to find the Bald Cap.. this is one of the very few missable trophies in the game
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User Info: Crystal_Dream

3 years ago#2
I think someone mentioned finding it in a police station in Romper Stomper's cell in this link:

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User Info: jedik-801

3 years ago#3
Police Station---2nd Floor---Use Shoot on Trophy Shelf---Enter duct to get into Locker Room---One of the lockers will have Jail Cell Key---Go downstairs & free Romper Stomper---Bald Cap in Chest.

User Info: FalxXD

3 years ago#4
Aww crap, missed it, already beat meth heads.
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