First Look at Gyrozetter

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User Info: Jinto Lin

Jinto Lin
5 years ago#1

The game's a Transformers-like RPG, seemingly with turn-based robot combat and a free-roaming overworld when outside of cities to explore in your transforming car robot, a la Road Trip/Choro-Q on the PS2. When in the cities, you'll be on foot as your character like in the LBX/Danball Senki model robot battling action RPG series from Level-5.

The game's due out in Japan in Spring 2013, where the action arcade game is due out in Japanese arcades this summer. Hopefully the 3DS game will have a good shot at localization, since like Bravely Default, it looks like a fresh, exciting game, the likes of which we could use more of from Square. ~ Anime Dream - We're like your RPGFan buddies, only anime-based! ~ Tsukasa


5 years ago#2
It looks really really cool! I too hope Square gives this one a chance in North America. I'm surprised they've already got so many titles I'm excited for so early on in the 3DS' life. Keep it up, S-E!
"I am the rocks of the eternal shore...crash against me and be BROKEN!" -Apocalypse, X-Men:TAS

User Info: Jinto Lin

Jinto Lin
5 years ago#3

Trailer for the arcade game, too. Looks like it has some RPG style elements in the combat aside from the driving as well. I wouldn't be shocked if it hit the Wii U at some point for a home version, seeing as we're seeing arcade ports beginning already with Tank! Tank! Tank! ~ Anime Dream - We're like your RPGFan buddies, only anime-based! ~ Tsukasa

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