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User Info: banablossom

5 years ago#421

unlock me and i'll unlock you :3

User Info: FoleyRoom

5 years ago#422


User Info: Justin1218

5 years ago#423
Add me and unlock my Box, and I'll do the same for you! :) 08EB8B59F2951EBA

User Info: unogala

5 years ago#424
Here's mine...add me pls also..^^


User Info: xero14

5 years ago#425
Need two more locks if anyone can help. I will help you back just let me know.

User Info: oracle960

5 years ago#426
help me unlock mine and i'll help you ^^

here's my code.


User Info: rcole156

5 years ago#427
My friend code is: B893940AE2F78A10

Add me and I'll add back!

User Info: Quatzidome

5 years ago#428
Hey guys, im new to this game and im wondering if you can help me unlock my mystery crate?i need one person to unlock my last lock and i will gladly help him in return.

here's my code: A33863C3AB3A0A4F
thank you! :)

User Info: Scott94m

5 years ago#429
can anyone help unlock mines? I'll return the favor 695D0BBBF8F86F16
Psn: ForAdventure

User Info: unogala

5 years ago#430
Hey guys,
This is my friend code for MinoMonsters: F804E9C282B08882
I still need another 3 friends to unlock..really appreciate if urs can help out

Btw how do i know if someone added me so that i can return the favor ?
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