How many times did you cry during the course of the game? *spoilers obviously*

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  3. How many times did you cry during the course of the game? *spoilers obviously*

User Info: awesomephatman

4 years ago#1
?...? - Results (368 votes)
0 times
59.24% (218 votes)
1 time
13.04% (48 votes)
2 times
10.05% (37 votes)
3 times
5.98% (22 votes)
4 times
1.36% (5 votes)
5 TIMES!!!
1.36% (5 votes)
More than 5 times
1.09% (4 votes)
500 billion + times
6.25% (23 votes)
1.63% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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For me, I fought tears at the beginning of the game when Sarah dies.When Henry shoots Sam and then himself, I just sat there in silence.
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User Info: Amplify

4 years ago#2

User Info: Peridiam

4 years ago#3
I don't really cry much. I didn't cry this game. I don't think a game has ever gotten me to cry, though.
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User Info: vivalatour

4 years ago#4
almost started when I found out joel is an ugly woman ...

User Info: Viney_09

4 years ago#5
I didn't cry playing it, but listening to the soundtrack right now, has me on the brink. :(

User Info: freesith

4 years ago#6
1 time, when i lost 6 hours of progress
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User Info: IncisionX

4 years ago#7
I held back tears at multiple points, particularly at the start.. you knew the characters for no more then 5 minutes and it tore me apart haha! Shows how much of a great job ND done with it tbh.

I could easily have cried but I held back as people were in the room at the time and they don't understand the emotional attachments to games.

User Info: steepcircle

4 years ago#8
The game never made me cry. But there are several scenes/situations in winter and beyond that weighed on my heart.
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User Info: soulegion08

4 years ago#9
Some scenes got me chocked up abit and teary-eyed. Sam and Henry, ive made a topic on that but that scene, oh man that scene...
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User Info: IncisionX

4 years ago#10
I actually didn't care too much for Henry and Sam - Don't get me wrong, the scene was done to perfection and I sat there jaw open for literally 10 minutes.

But due to there earlier actions I almost felt as if it was redemption :D
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  3. How many times did you cry during the course of the game? *spoilers obviously*

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