Did spoilers ruin any part of the game for you ? (spoilers ahead obviously)

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  3. Did spoilers ruin any part of the game for you ? (spoilers ahead obviously)

User Info: Enoch_Ching

4 years ago#51
That artbook...omg that artbook. Spoilers in that book EVERYWHERE. With my first poop session i found out ellie was infected, tess was infected, henry and sam die, david was a cannibal, sarah dies...the list goes on. I would cringe in pain as i read one spoiler, and flip the page quickly hoping to see pics of clickers or something, but NOPE, more spoilers.
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User Info: Awesomebrand

4 years ago#52
*Watching random twitchtv stream, only to check out the gameplay really*

Some jackass in chat : TESS DIES!!!

Me : Who is Tess again? This guy's name is Bill or something.

*I get game at the end of June* Dude this game is gonna be awesome

*Play through the game, sees Tess, sudden flashback-like recall*

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User Info: pTrillz

4 years ago#53
OP, you just don't trust anyone.

I didn't touch ANY kind of The Last of Us media until I beat the game, just for that very concern.

User Info: Godstriker8

4 years ago#54
I'm subscribed to IGN on YouTube, so I saw some their walkthrough videos in my subscription list. I got spoiled on that the 1st chapter takes place 20 years earlier, and that the Firefly lab is the last location in the game, but in hindsight those things are prettty obvious and do not spoil anything really.
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User Info: beastwarking

4 years ago#55
I avoided all media on the subject except for a couple of videos showed during E3. I've been spoiled in a few things (can't remember what) and I just wanted to experience the entire journey for myself
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User Info: Omega_Zero_XP

4 years ago#56
I only got spoiled that there wouldn't be a cure. didn't know how that would come about though.

then I got attached to EJ and spoiled the rest of the ending once I hit spring. I just beat the walking dead thing and didn't wanna finish if it ended like that.

That said once I spoiled that part, I couldn't wait to get to that part cause it sounded AWESOME (and it was). Ammo was no object in that sequence.
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User Info: shnoob2

4 years ago#57
I had a fake spoiler somewhat haunt me throughout my playthrough when someone on my friends list, unprovoked, sent a message titled "Ellie dies," followed by "I'm just kidding."

This was sent by someone I have never communicated with and only wound up on my friend list because of the Uncharted 3 friend request system months beforehand and I figured, "Why not add people that want me on their list?"

Needless to say, he hindered my enjoyment of the game and I subsequently removed and blocked his boorish ass. Probably a young gamer that was trying to be funny.
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User Info: QwelzaarKane

4 years ago#58
Only thing I got spoiled was the reason we played as Ellie during Winter. Aside from that I was lucky/cautious enough to avoid anything else.

User Info: Combo Master

Combo Master
4 years ago#59
There is always a chance you can get spoiled even when you view a topic title that just has spoiles in the title. Can't avoid it unless you don't watch or read anything about the game really. Even if you watch a games trailer your gonna figure out things that are going to happen and it's kind of spoiled.
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User Info: VegantoKeens

4 years ago#60
Yeah I avoided this game like the spores. I was pretty much certain Joel was dead when I was playing a lone Ellie hunting with my good old bow. Hell all the way up to spring, I was pretty sure he was gonna die from the wound anyway.
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  3. Did spoilers ruin any part of the game for you ? (spoilers ahead obviously)

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