Replay value?

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User Info: Captain_NES

4 years ago#1
The game looks awesome but any replay value?
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User Info: TomDangerfield

4 years ago#2
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User Info: Foxx3k

4 years ago#3
There's a new game +, but having recently beat it, I have absolutely no desire to replay it.
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User Info: lilORANG

4 years ago#4
yea, it's got multiplayer and the story is so good you'll immediately wanna replay after beating it the first time.

User Info: freakofnature30

4 years ago#5
lilORANG posted...
yea, it's got multiplayer and the story is so good you'll immediately wanna replay after beating it the first time.

That's how it is for me. I'm wanting to go back through it and see if there was any aspects of the story I might not have caught on to the first time around.

I really enjoy the multiplayer as well. It takes some getting used to, but once you get the style down you'll be wanting to play constantly.
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User Info: scm60

4 years ago#6
yes -- I've already put in 50+ hours and haven't really touched the mp. Like a favorite movie, this is a game I'll be replaying for years.
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User Info: Moogle_trainer

4 years ago#7
Yeah I really enjoyed finding all the artifacts and especially all the optional conversations

User Info: kentuckyfr1ed

4 years ago#8
mostly if you want to get the trophies...I hear it is a fun challenge on the hard and survivor difficulties as well.

The MP is great and hopefully there will be good support for more maps. No guarantees though.

User Info: Ghost_61636

4 years ago#9
Finished it yesterday and I'm already replaying it for the story.
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User Info: CyborgTwenty

4 years ago#10
Yeah tons of collectibles like comics, artifacts, firefly pendants, unlockable shiv doors, safes and upgrading Joel and your weapons made me replay it immediately after my first play through again.
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