Hawkeye 3 is the most useful skill in the game

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User Info: TimeOfTheDark

4 years ago#1
Everyone wants a guy on their team with it, and barely anyone uses it, making it severely underrated.

You guys talk about hardcore modes with no radars and listen mode (stupid idea both are important aspects of the game and both effect several skills and even things like sprinting) which to me shows you just want to be able to sneak without putting points in covert training 2/3. The thing is, oh, right, hawkeye 3 would still show the entire world where you are, even if you aren't the one marked, and you'd have to be like "MY GOOD IDEA IS HARDCORE MODE WITHOUT MARKING" and basically you'd just want COD run and point and click to shoot nonsense without any real strategy or thinking or anything.

Back on topic though, Hawkeye 3 is amazing. Get it, and your teammates will <3 you.

User Info: Altrus02

4 years ago#2
I find it amusing that TC accuses others of wanting to be cheap when he is a notorious spawn-bomber.

User Info: dontneedaname

4 years ago#3
Does anyone know exactly how CLOSE the other teammates need to be to get marked also?
It barely works for me. I've just been sticking with Hawkeye 2 cause it seems unless the other guys are in a orgy with each other, they don't ever get marked.

User Info: TimeOfTheDark

4 years ago#4
Altrus02 posted...
I find it amusing that TC accuses others of wanting to be cheap when he is a notorious spawn-bomber.

Never said anything about being cheap.

And I don't put my bombs there anymore, lately they haven't been as effective. I got NEW spots though, and they are even sneakier.

User Info: TimeOfTheDark

4 years ago#5
They have to be pretty close, but it's still useful in that regard, because if they aren't on top of them, you can narrow down some places where they can be instead.

User Info: An_Unkind_RGN

4 years ago#6
Hawk Eyed 3 is indeed an amazing perk to have. When I have marking missions, I always switch this perk with Crafter so that when I am focusing on marking enemies, my team has a huge advantage in seeing the enemies.

If you play with friends, having one of them equipped with the perk H-E 3 is definitely a plus!
Real Cowboys and Real Indians!

User Info: slickutica

4 years ago#7
Hawk eye 2 does the same thing hawk eye 3 does and you can use that load out point towards something else

Really it takes like less that a sec to mark additional enemies that are next to people and your not as completely shutdown by convert as with hawk eye 3

Also best skill in the game is crafter 3 and for anyone to say otherwise is foolishness.

User Info: MercenaryK

4 years ago#8
TC, the entire point of a Hardcore mode is to strip any information the players may need from a HUD - radar included, and even remove abilities that would provide an advantage beyond the visuals in front of them. Without a radar people could even sprint without being known. And this leads to the whole purpose about what Hardcore mode is about - to be mother ****ing hardcore bad asses, not some cry ass who holds onto HUD & Listen mode like a pansy ass. That's why it's Hardcore, not softcore, or semi-hardcore. Hard. Core. ****er.

Even CoD had a Hardcore mode, and guess what? No Radar, no HUD, and, brace your self - no Kill streaks.

On topic - Hawkeye 3 is bad ass, but it's a bummer when your target is using Covert Op 3. I imagine if an entire team had head-sets and communicated enemy positions verbally, then that would free up Hawkeye 3 in place of another perk. Cause really.... when you think about it.... Hawkeye 3 is best for people who don't bother telling people where they're currently seeing the enemy.
We're stating our opinions and you're insulting us and throwing "I HAZ LYFE" in people's faces like it matters to anyone or anything. - Ziero

User Info: noob_gamerguy

4 years ago#9
Wtf TC? Running around and gunning Hardcore mode with no marking makes it COD? So TLOU campaign is like COD then? I mean since on survivor there's no listen mode, no marking enemies. It's just a pointless run and gun game like COD, yea

User Info: TimeOfTheDark

4 years ago#10
Disagree on crafter 3.

If your team is winning, you get one ingredient per chest.

So you can make one or two gifts, and if you and your team is half decent, you might be able to make ONE more thing for the entire rest of the match, and there's a good chance it's going to be something not too useful like a health kit they are maxed out on.
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  3. Hawkeye 3 is the most useful skill in the game

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