My view on this game

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User Info: Offspring7

3 years ago#11
Resources are remedied in survivor and grounded, and grounded takes care of the checkpoints. Also like to point out the "hero is immune" is also covered in survivor/grounded.

You have to understand this is a AAA game in terms of development (and in many cases quality as well) and while people like you, me, and others in this thread and the world in general like to experience a true experience when it come to being stealthy, many casual players are going to want a difficulty like easy and regular as they don't want to spend hours on end in one area of the game because things are too tough (they're also nice difficulties to go back and unlock trophies). It's honestly nice that a game can tend to casual and hardcore gamers.

Besides the loud door thing (which I mostly agree with you but a good amount of times Joel will block the door), the rest are very solid points and explained good enough, I especially stand passionately next to you about the ally AI running around like a bunch of a******* needing to be fixed. Overall, not a bad review.
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User Info: KishinZephrite

3 years ago#12
I agree with your view a lot. Some of the reasons why I'm bored of the single player, but mp can be the gift that keeps on giving.
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User Info: Obie79

3 years ago#13
try MP its alot better especially if you like SND in any COD game then survivor in MP is the game for you.

User Info: Brunozayn

3 years ago#14
For me this game is perfect 10/10.... Even I can give this 11/10
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