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User Info: Kadiatu2

5 years ago#1
So I am where River is battling Cyberman the level listed above (while Doctor is back in 1892). I know I have to do the two puzzles in the little glass room but how do I? Once the Cybermen go up to it,and break in, they don't leave it. I stealth stun the main group but I have only seconds to spin one (maybe two cogs) before they reboot and attack me in puzzle. I try an lead them away but they seem to have no interest in chasing me. What have I missed?

User Info: KeitaroYevon

5 years ago#2
They track you, so you gotta let them give you access to the room, then lead them away from the area by moving to another part of the building. Yes, they move slowly, but once they are a good enough distance from the room, quickly go back up there and do one of the puzzles. You should be able to get it done before they get back. Do the same thing for the other puzzle. Lead them away and double back. It's a game of patience more than anything.
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User Info: Kadiatu2

5 years ago#3
Thanks. Waiting, Always a good choice in a video game

User Info: IssacQuinn

5 years ago#4
I just wish I didn't have to restart the whole event and wait 4 minutes everytime i fail.

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