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User Info: elrapido

5 years ago#1
I bet Tony's doing 900's in his grave...
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User Info: Terminator_x20

5 years ago#2
Na. I think that everyone has completed the game, and are just waiting for the dlc's to be coming available, but then after that happens this game and board will be in the same spot that its in now. Won't take long for that to happen.

User Info: the_moot

5 years ago#3

User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
5 years ago#4
Well, yeah...CRAP GAMES die off quicker than fun ones.


Nah, I'm just being mean.
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User Info: David80008

5 years ago#5
Just wait till Tony 3/4 HD hits :-)

Also 900's in his grave....He's still alive last i checked....
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User Info: BlazeRunner

5 years ago#6
The online in this game has been dead since day 1
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