Grind 5 small qps'???

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User Info: KOTRwhoops

5 years ago#1
What is this? I've used the map and I can get some but don't actually understand what I'm supposed to do. Thanks.
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Final Fantasy2389 5 years ago#2
Grind 5 small quarter pipes.

This is the warehouse yes?
if so, from starting position turn around, grind pipe. Go down the right ramp. The two quarterpipes will be on your left and right and now be behind you. From starting position the last set is down the ramp and to the left where theres a ramp, then a level then another ramp behind it. | Eve Torres <3
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User Info: flipmode_1

5 years ago#3
Grind across the top of the quarter pipes. Don't know why they had to abbreviate it.
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User Info: brunbbmerc

5 years ago#4
the small pipe things. there is one behind you when you start, then as soon as you go down the hill there are the three in a row then the one on the back left
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User Info: tubb311

5 years ago#5
What's the problem here? The level is so small you can literally complete every grind in the level with plenty of time to spare. That's what I did.
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