Need help with getting a gap.

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User Info: Jerry_Appleby

4 years ago#1
I posted on the PS3 board, but the board is pretty dead. Basically I need the gap on Marseille called "Big Mouth Gap" I don't understand exactly what to do for the gap, I've tried to clear the bowl by jumping over it, grinding then jumping, etc, but the gap isn't unlocking!

Any advice someone can give me?
I have 125 platinum trophies!
PSN: Jerry_Appleby Currently playing: MW3, LBP2, Sleeping Dogs, R&C HD.

User Info: EichiroNobunaga

4 years ago#2
Alright, go left from where you start down to the banner area. Jump from the left pool-wall, at an angle, to the other side. Just make sure you don't land on the picnic table.

Note: If you go from the right, rather than clearing the gap, your skater will hip transfer along the right wall for the Huge Freaking Gap. If you go to the ramp facing OUT of the pools, your skater won't readjust his or her position, and you'll just smash your face on the ground.

Hope I helped. For the record, finding all gaps doesn't actually do anything.
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  3. Need help with getting a gap.

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