Sick Score Tips

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User Info: LD00

5 years ago#1
Can I have some tips on getting the Sick Scores in both Downhill and Marseille?
The last goal I need in Marseille is the sick Score.

In Marseille, I usually start where the S is, try to grind the dumpsters, manual to the rail,
manual, doing flips and end with a Grab in the bowl.

In Downhill, I usually manual to the green pipes, grind them, do some tricks,
landing in a manual, grinding the wood ledge to another manual, then do
a grab on the QP.

User Info: ShadowHearse

5 years ago#2
Suck less.

User Info: NewbieTHPS

5 years ago#3
Try some of my methods, I have combos on all levels uploaded to Youtube. I also just uploaded a 75Mill video at Downhill Jam today. Hope it helps. =]

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