Your favorite character from each generation.

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User Info: _VeeD_

5 years ago#1
Here's the characters that each game introduced with my fave pick for the respective generation.

The characters in ()s mean that they are a new person, but on terms of gameplay, it's just an alternate costume to an already existing character (Tiger); a fighter from a new generation based off an old not-returning character (Forest Law); or simply a non-original character (Mokujin).

Tekken 1 (16+1) - My: YOSHIMITSU (T3)

-Armor King I
-Kazuya Mishima
-King I
-Kuma I
-Marshall Law
-P. Jack

Tekken 2 (5+2) - My: BRUCE IRVIN (T6)


Tekken 3 (8+5) - My: EDDY GORDO (T6)

-True Ogre
-(Kuma II/Panda)
-(King II)
-(Gun Jack)
-(Forrest Law)

Tekken 4 (2+3) - My: STEVE FOX (T4)

-Steve Fox
-(Miharu Hirano)

Tekken 5 (6+3++5) - My: SERGEI DRAGUNOV (T6)

-Devil Jin
-Lili - DR
-Dragunov - DR
-(Roger Jr.)
-(Armor Kink II - DR)
+ re-newed oldies!!

Tekken 6 (6+1) - My: ZAFINA (T6)

-Alisa - BR
-Lars - BR
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User Info: Sirdeebo

5 years ago#2
tekken 2

jack 2

tekken 3

true ogre

tekken tag

jun kazama

tekken 4


tekken 5


tekken 6

armor king


jun kazama and armor king

User Info: BatenKalas

5 years ago#3
Tekken 1: Paul
Tekken 2: Jun
Tekken 3: Hwoarang
Tekken 4: Steve
Tekken 5: Asuka
Tekken 6: Zafina

User Info: LandscapeManX

5 years ago#4
Tekken 1: Kunimitsu
Tekken 2: Jack-2
Tekken 3: Hwoarang
Tekken 4: none
Tekken 5: Dragunov
Tekken 6: None, or Leo or Bob... but the new ones s*cked imo
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User Info: BurningSoul

5 years ago#5
Tekken: Marshall Law

Tekken 2: Baek

Tekken 3: Jin Kazama

Tekken 4: Steve Fox

Tekken 5: Lili (although Dragunov is close)

Tekken 6: Uh... Miguel, I guess
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User Info: C_Hiroki

5 years ago#6
Tekken: Lee
Tekken 2: Jun
Tekken 3: Jin
Tekken 4: Christie
Tekken 5: Lili
Tekken 6: Zafina
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User Info: RobIsntDrunk

5 years ago#7
Tekken 1: Kazuya Mishima

Tekken 2: Alex/Roger

Tekken 3: Bryan

Tekken 4: Marduk

Tekken 5: Armor King II

Tekken 6: Leo (Yup...Leo.)
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User Info: garekman

5 years ago#8
Tekken 1: Paul
Tekken 2: Jun
Tekken 3: Hwoarang
Tekken 4: Steve
Tekken 5: Raven
Tekken 6: Miguel

User Info: luckytintinnz

5 years ago#9
T1: Law
T2: Law
T3: Law
TTT: Law
T4: Law
T5: Law
T6: Law
TTT2: Law
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User Info: silly_sausage

5 years ago#10
Half of mine is characters that have been seemingly abandoned:

Tekken 1: Michelle
Tekken 2: Kunimitsu
Tekken 3: Yoshimitsu
Tekken Tag Tournament: Jun
Tekken 4: Only one I haven't played so far
Tekken 5: Asuka or Dragunov, but seeing as I never played DR, I'd have to go with Asuka.
Tekken 6: Hmmm, Zafina or Miguel
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