i hope this game is less "arcade"-ey

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  3. i hope this game is less "arcade"-ey

User Info: Grey_Asakura

5 years ago#1
brefore yall kill me
i meant the presentation

i rly didnt like T6 presentation cu it felt soo hmmm unpolished
in the opening movies theres 2 prestt start button which was clearly replacement for insert coin
long loading times
and theres no more cutscenes before and after arcade mode for each char

idk it just feels like lazy port
oh and i didnt like the whole kyu thing

lil off topic but how do u get char ending in T6?
i beat aael like million times
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User Info: final_chance

5 years ago#2
You had to beat the Arena in Scenario Campaign mode with your character to unlock openings and endings. And you could always install the game to abate the long load times.
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User Info: Grey_Asakura

5 years ago#3
ohhh thx dude
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User Info: silly_sausage

5 years ago#4
Personally I hope they go back to the 10 stage arcade style game, where completing it unlocks characters and endings, and tone back the action-adventure beat 'em up modes. Tekken Force and Devil Within were fine because they were optional little side-quests, a simple bonus game, whereas Scenario Campaign was the whole focus of the single player experience, and most of the story was shoehorned into it.
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User Info: conquerorsaint

5 years ago#5

i hope they bring back story mode from tekken 5 and scrap scenario campaign (never again!). at least the character interactions during certain matchups was enjoyable and entertaining.

User Info: InchunKim

5 years ago#6

Just to clarify, EVERY Tekken game always had the "insert coin" stuff in the main title. 

I do agree on what you're saying though. Tekken 6, for the most part, was a fail port. Bad campaign, story, plot, unreliable online, the graphics being mediocre at best, etc..

I like the fact that they tried to do something "fresh," but it's pointless if every new feature they put in ended up being half-assed.  

I just hope, as mentioned above, that they go back to the c1assic (I can't use c1assic in this site?) Tekken port. You know, 10lvl Arcade mode with new endings for each character, return of side features such as Tekken Ball/Bowl/Force, and some new stuff only if Bamco is willing to put a lot of effort into them. Tekken 5 was the best Arcade to console port ever, IMO. But I highly dought we'll ever see any where near that kind of quality in future ports. 

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  3. i hope this game is less "arcade"-ey

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