T6 or this?

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User Info: AfroPrime

5 years ago#11
Well I picked up a copy of T6 for $15 and so far have been enjoying myself while trying to get used to the game's system.

A bit disappointed that the online seems to be garbage, but I was playing in the wee hours of the morning so perhaps the player pool wasn't the best for my region at the time?

I've been looking into King and have had very little success online which is a little disheartening - I get someone into one of my full throw chains, take 50% of their health, and then I suddenly can't touch them for the rest of the round :(

Basically I have no idea how to get evasive, I try sidestepping attacks but it never seems to work and I end up eating even the most linear looking stuff anyways.

Also it doesn't help that I keep trying to 8-Way-Run like it's Soul Calibur >.>

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