What costumes or items should be back?

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  3. What costumes or items should be back?

User Info: LordMarvXIII

5 years ago#11
The costumes I would want back(or as pieces for customization)

- Tekken 3 Yoshimitsu.
- Tekken 3 Hwoarang
- Tekken 6 Lili Bridal costume :3
- Long haired Paul/Tekken 4 2P

User Info: LordRattergun

5 years ago#12
- Marduk's T4 P2 with the brown jacket and hair

- Jack1/2 skin for Jack 5 that removes all of the obvious bolts/metal.

- Classic Devil

- Devil Jinpachi from T5 (not DR)

- Marshall Law's mustache

- Gold Tetsujin
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User Info: VERGIL_420

5 years ago#13
faqbaka posted...
Tekken 4.

Yup....each and everything of it should be in....
*PSN* - Dark_Ryder_X97

User Info: VERGIL_420

5 years ago#14
Redd_White posted...
I want(ed) everyone's main outfit from 3 and/or 5 back, these two had the best costumes. I thought it would be only logical since a tekken tag game is supposed to be about fanservice, but...eh. Looks like all we'll get is lame customization, either bland and generic or recycled from 6 >_>

I saw the Items list....there are not much items...I saw the list on some website listed by a user...
*PSN* - Dark_Ryder_X97

User Info: Joelsoh

5 years ago#15
T6 costumes designed by other artists like Jin's CLAMP one etc.

Heck, all. Why not?
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User Info: Gangsta_Grizzil

5 years ago#16
Julia T3 2p outfit
King T4 trunks
Jun TTT 3rd Outfit
tekken tag 2-zafina n michelle. "Mix-up Power"

User Info: -Liquid_Snale-

5 years ago#17
yoshimtsu's T6 outfit. the skull-faced cyber-3 tailed scorpion samurai thing looked so badass
What's in the bag? A shark or something?
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  3. What costumes or items should be back?

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