TAG Throws!

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User Info: badjab326

5 years ago#1
Here's a list of the known ones from TZ.

any body find any new ones for the new chars?

Also, can someone tell me if Bruce and Bryan can do this...

and if not, do they have a special tag throw?

User Info: DeathScythe_527

5 years ago#2
What's button 5? I thought there were only 4 in Tekken...
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User Info: JuliafanAM

5 years ago#3
It's the tag button, R1.
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User Info: Kawasaki_X750

5 years ago#4
look for eddy handstand grab to zafina....not seen alot but it's good
Still shine like a laser show and countin money from 2dayz ago

User Info: badjab326

5 years ago#5
Kawasaki_X750 posted...
look for eddy handstand grab to zafina....not seen alot but it's good

you mean this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhArT4ZZ5Z4&t=4m3s

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