RIP to the Tekken I loved and grew up with

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User Info: Coketastic

5 years ago#71
It should be easy to not like a game and not feel the need to try to convince everyone else that the game is inferior, but people keep trying. I myself juggled the hell out of Tekken 2 when I was in junior high (96, 97), coming to this board of all places (really?) Is just asking for trash talk. My summation is you probably wouldn't have posted it if you didn't like arguing, go to the Legend of Dragoon board where they're just glad to see someone.
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User Info: Bailzebub

5 years ago#72
Topics like this are really good for new fighting game players as they highlight the mindset they should try and avoid.

You'll notice there are some reasoned comments about strategies or how Tekken plays out as skill levels progress, coupled with some insight into how the TC was really just playing "Tekken-lite" in the old days, never experiencing the game at anything more than a random, "mess about a bit" level.

So there's the majority posting reasoned, polite and insightful counter-points to argue the original post that almost demand equally as thoughtful a reply; Yet the TC decides to cop-out with a nonsense comment like "LOL GET A LYFE" essentially.


It's easy for new and inexperienced players to decide on the strength of posts like this, which viewpoint is the one worth considering.
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User Info: Chain_Strike

5 years ago#73
TJ_UNLIMITED posted...
Chain_Strike posted...
TJ you complain why too did this on the SFxT boards too....always complaining about seriously....

LOL first of all, get a life and stop worrying about what some stranger on the Internet says about video games over time. Second, you're not even good at Internet stalking because I never even owned SxT. I rented it for one day, decided it wasn't worth the hype, and took it back to Redbox. I didn't have the game long enough to have any real complaints about it other than how much it bored me.

Unless you're talking about all the DLC topics, which was just a conversation I participated in. Surely you have better things to do with your life than worry about what I converse about.

Oh I just jump around seeing what's what. Oh look I found you complaining as usual. What a suprise riiiiight? Like I said complain place you complain and that's all I see you do.
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User Info: Soljah

5 years ago#74
tekken has ALWAYS been juggle centric, wtf is wrong with people?
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User Info: Chain_Strike

5 years ago#75
Perhaps you should just chillax kick back and cause some trouble. Oh and weren't you one of the few to tell me to get a girl or something with my super obession with Juri?

Now that's not very nice is it? It's I'm used to insults, I take em both ways now.
Juri, eng OVA is too cool for you. Beware, you're in for a wild ride! Remember FSE is #1! Followed by PP at #2!

User Info: foo136

5 years ago#76
I didn't want to read all the posts, so sorry if this has been suggested already.

Play player matches, TC. I did rank matches and every goddamn one (out of 10) was either:
A) 10 hit combo spam
B) Juggle combo spam
C) 1 or 2 fast move spam coupled with firearm spam
It's not my thing, but apparently some people find it enjoyable to repeatedly play the exact same way every round.

I got my three wins against spammers for a trophy and got out. I hate 10 hit combos, and being killed by two rounds of the exact same juggle combo is simultaneously boring and infuriating. Maybe I'll try ranked around Christmas time when there might be more new players but for now you'll only be matched up with spammers. I imagine a lot of newer or not as "hardcore" players have already stopped because of similar online experiences.

From my experience only roughly one out of four people on player match spam that bad. You'll see a bunch more original combos and won't die by being caught by two of them. It's an experience more like other fighting games because the players actually know more than 2 moves, don't learn their combos from a menu or online, and don't copy/paste someone else's tactics.
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User Info: ConradimusPrime

5 years ago#77
ZTS_vs_Deck posted...
Tekken 1 says Hi

That really makes me want a baseball stadium stage

User Info: infernopro

5 years ago#78
Another complaint from TC I see.
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User Info: Prism Weapon

Prism Weapon
5 years ago#79
It's always been about juggling, which is why I hardly ever play the online. But I still bought this game because I love playing it even though I'm horrible at it.

User Info: zshippozx

5 years ago#80
Pfff fighting games shouldn't have combos or strategys. I say make it were the opponent can only throw out like 1 move per fight and I can mash all the buttons with my face and do really cool moves that don't combo or juggle....... Cuz those are for frauds and no lifers >:U
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