WARNING: Don't equip combot with DLC-moves!!!

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User Info: 4sakuraHa0

5 years ago#41
All right, thanks for the posting.

I am about to experiment with Combot this weekend.
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User Info: WingedRegent

5 years ago#42
From: TheSuperGameGod | #040
Aw man, too late now!!!! Kidding....who's Combot? I've never used him so no worries here. Thanks for the posting though.

Combot= The machine you control throughout Fight Lab. If you equip him any move belonging to Angel, Michelle, Ancient Ogre, or Kunimitsu, the game's save data becomes unreadable apparently.
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User Info: Heatherlover

5 years ago#43
joe what do you mean break? corrupted save?
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User Info: BombermanGold

5 years ago#44
From: Heatherlover | #042
joe what do you mean break? corrupted save?

Yes, lose your save file.

Good thing I got heads up as well....but I have yet to finish Fight Lab anyways, so I hardly touched Combot.
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User Info: retep_one

5 years ago#45
hope namco patches this up. probably on the next DLC release (oct 9). there are some graphic glitches in the game. when i equipped armor king with the wrestler flag his back got distorted. there is also a vid of kazuya not having any feet after being equipped with armor pants

User Info: YanDaMan263

5 years ago#46
Good thing I never bothered with that Combot nonsense.
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User Info: LordRattergun

5 years ago#47
Combot is so lame that his very existence distorts the game and makes it want to delete itself.
Rattergun, you are truly a hero for our times. - Recoome_is_god

User Info: Deepest_Cut

5 years ago#48
My Combot has had Angel's up laser since day one and I've had no issues. Even so, there's nothing worth losing if my save did get corrupted. Oh no, not the costumes!
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User Info: ljobenza

5 years ago#49
Apparently it's all DLC's fault that the programmers managed to make a bug and not just programmers making a bug in general.

Not like this kind of bug would happen even if it weren't DLC...

User Info: yipkingsui

5 years ago#50
Just read the whole thing... It sounds like even more dangerous than SCIII.

Thanks for the heads up!
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