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User Info: FinalCut_Pro

4 years ago#1
Complain about the broken characters or people who button mash, but I'm really disappointed with the unoriginality in the stages and music.

Tekken Tag had some awesome levels, a few for each character, but it seems to have gone down hill since then. A fish market? Flower rainbow land? A blank room?

Here's hoping they release some classic levels with the dlc music that's coming. I've already changed a majority of the songs to Tekken Tag 1 songs. Orge works perfectly for the sunset palm tree level.
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User Info: yuber112

4 years ago#2
Tekken Tag's stages were completely uninspired compared to TTT2's stages. They were for the most part Tekken 3's stages give or take a couple with some tweaks and different music.

User Info: ShadowKirby17

4 years ago#3
The Tulip Festival from this game is actually a good stage. It's my favorite. The soundtrack is also pretty good. I'm still disappointed that they took out Mystical Forest and Manji Valley from Tekken 6. Those had good music.

Anyway, the old Tekken stages did indeed have more feeling to them. In my opinion Tekken 2 had the best stages/music. I'm probably going to switch a few soundtracks as soon as I figure out how.
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User Info: Yarnball289

4 years ago#4
Stages from all over the world show no inspiration, right.
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User Info: silly_sausage

4 years ago#5
My problem with the stages is that they're too silly, too goofy, which actually goes for the game as a whole (cake on your head that you can smush in your opponent's face?). Tekken 6's yodelling sheep looks normal in comparison.
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User Info: lol_what

4 years ago#6
the only really silly stages I can think of are the santa level, the macys parade, and the tulip field.

everything else is pretty standard tekken stuff, unless you think fighting in a fountain is silly.

I agree a lot of the songs in this game are ass, though, thank god for tekken tunes/planned old music DLC


4 years ago#7
What? Tekken Tag had terrible stages. Basically copy/pasted stuff from T3 only accompanied with a worse soundtrack and less detail

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User Info: GreatWhite20XX

4 years ago#8
I'm loving this games music and stages. nuff said

User Info: Zero254

4 years ago#9
I don't know, Unknown's tag 1 music track is a lot more memorable than the new second part.

And she was more skilled and harder to beat in tag 1.

As for the bgm, I favored a few of the arcade songs more than the console ones such as Hwaorang's and a few other from the arcade. But overall it wasn't terrible.

And lots of the songs were good.

I liked a lot of the stages from tag one. The only things missing were wall which weren't introduced until tekken 4 anyways.

The songs in this just seem to be random dubstep.

It has a set of good tracks as well though.
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User Info: erol312006

4 years ago#10
i love the stages but the music -kinda lame
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