Which characters do you main?

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User Info: TheDuskwalker

5 years ago#41
TacoWhales posted...
Lili and Asuka
My 2 favorite characters ever from Tekken 5 and was really happy when they introduced a storyline for both of them.

Same for me as well.
TTT2: Lili, Asuka; BBCSE: Noel, Mu-12, Makoto; KOFXIII: Mai, Leona, Elisabeth
GGXXAC: Dizzy, Jam; DOA5: Sarah, Kasumi, Helena; SSFIV: Cammy, Juri, Rose

User Info: wonzan

5 years ago#42
dragunov + friends
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User Info: Cosmic_Coyote

5 years ago#43
Roger and Julia

Yay I am the only Roger user here
"There is no knowledge that is not power"

User Info: theycallmeslims

5 years ago#44
I main kaz in every tekken, but this game i pair him off mainly with devil jin or angel. I'm far from a mishima expert as my ewfg execution isn't perfect though i can usually do consecutive ones with less problems.

I also play laws even though they are so unsafe in this game. Also learning the changs atm. Also played armor king in ttt so i might go back.
5 Billion dollars in the US from just Wing sale's is the same amount of money Bandai makes from all of Gundam put together in Japan. Redzaku

User Info: Pgss_Sonic

5 years ago#45
Jack-6/Paul. Sometimes I use P-Jack instead of Paul for \o/ spam, which is always fun, despite the mediocre damage.

User Info: JohnnyBroadway

5 years ago#46
PSN - Broadway666

User Info: Zasterror

5 years ago#47
Miami Heat: CHAMPIONS. Hate harder
This signature was designed for YOUR viewing pleasure.

User Info: STAR Jill

5 years ago#48
Depends on my mood, who I want as my anchor, and who I want as the point buuut...

Point is either Lars or DJin
Anchor is either Bruce or Bryan

User Info: resevil67

5 years ago#49
My main team is jin and lars. I've mained jin in every tekken I've played =p. Also trying to learn kaz and heihachi

User Info: assassinchief

5 years ago#50
Balance between Asuka/Feng and Asuka/Jun

Sometimes Asuka/JIn

and sometimes throw a kunimitsu in there

Decent with Hwoarang, Kazuya, Angel, and Leo.

I play any character Solo.
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