150 damage!!!!

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User Info: RealomegaredRed

5 years ago#1
Forgive my stupid question to some but is 150 a good damage output for a tag in combo? I have 3 teams and each team can do atleast 140 in one combo with either char on point. Haven't watched any vids or even touched online yet bcuz I've been too busy playing ghost battle and customizing. Lol! But is this a normal thing to see online or should I be training harder?
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User Info: ThePatrick

5 years ago#2
150 is excellent as characters only have 180 health. I assume some rage is involved?
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User Info: STAR Jill

5 years ago#3
Unless your doing a consistent rage + CH and carrying them to wall on some odd launcher, chances are that you won't be able to use them on a realistic basis online.

User Info: theycallmeslims

5 years ago#4
In theory, its as good as your gonna get. But the chances of landing anything like that regularly is very slim. First off, some rage is gonna be involved so unless you land the juggle early the rage will dissipate before you end it. Second, chances are its on a character of a particular size so that won't work on everyone. Finally, most people know how to tag crash and they will have an opportunity to interrupt the combo.

But honestly, its no harm to practice juggle combos. You can often find variations of the combo that will be better situationally. But keep in mind to work the fundamentals of the game.
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User Info: ChaozCloud

5 years ago#5
Did you use a string to launch? In that case the string might not be a natural combo and as such can be blocked.
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User Info: KenGi1226

5 years ago#6
Action 1: Stand
Action 2: Guard all
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User Info: RealomegaredRed

5 years ago#7
Definitely not starting the combo with a launcher but a string before the character tag is involved. Yes the string can most definitely be blocked..... didn't calculated if the combo was blocked........really I just need one hit to confirm though........back to the lab I go. Lol! Gotta check some things out. Ill find out the damage if the one late hit confirms into the tag in. I was calculating from the first hit, not the last hit. OMFG!!!! Tag crash I forgot about!!! And I don't know anything about this RAGE stuff yet. CPU uses it alot in ghost battle I think..... sometimes I hit them and its like they have super armor or something. Is that what RAGE is? If so, how do I get it? Lol!
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User Info: Spoofer

5 years ago#8
I really doubt that a 150 damage true combo exists that is easily performable, outside of glitchy infinites, etc. Even with rage.

There's no way that the strings you are using to launch the opponent are natural combos. They'll definitely have break points to block the launcher, as well as other counter-measures in place to keep them balanced. You can of course use them as string mixups into launch enders, but the opp most likely won't be eating all that damage all too often (and there are even larger counter-measures in place for strings that have mixups to launchers). Finally, keep in mind that the string damage is really going to inflate your damage total, as there's no damage scaling while their feet are on the ground, so you should expect the actual combo portion of the damage to be a lot less.

Tag crash won't work in the middle of a true combo, but it can be used to try to save your char from the oki setups that follow.
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User Info: dcmnt18

5 years ago#10
Zio_Dyne posted...
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Yep. This way you can tell which strings are natural combos or not.

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