150 damage!!!!

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User Info: wonzan

4 years ago#11
From: Spoofer | #008
I really doubt that a 150 damage true combo exists that is easily performable, outside of glitchy infinites, etc. Even with rage.

There's no way that the strings you are using to launch the opponent are natural combos. They'll definitely have break points to block the launcher, as well as other counter-measures in place to keep them balanced. You can of course use them as string mixups into launch enders, but the opp most likely won't be eating all that damage all too often (and there are even larger counter-measures in place for strings that have mixups to launchers). Finally, keep in mind that the string damage is really going to inflate your damage total, as there's no damage scaling while their feet are on the ground, so you should expect the actual combo portion of the damage to be a lot less.

Tag crash won't work in the middle of a true combo, but it can be used to try to save your char from the oki setups that follow.

the AI did about 140-150 damage on me in one combo during ghost battle. it involved a bunch of EWGFs. I think it is kaz and angel or maybe kaz and heihachi. Not sure if it was a true combo but it looked like it to me, i was in air most of the time andwas mashing the tag crash but it never came out.
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User Info: Kanokare

4 years ago#12
140 damage can be realistic. I've done it in with Paul/Leo in a CH corner.
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User Info: RealomegaredRed

4 years ago#13
Is the RAGE stuff when CPU gets super armor or something and are super strong? Is everybody using that online? About the combos I'm doing, they are not in the corner, are not on specific chars, and not with RAGE. I've seen CPU start the match wth this RAGE stuff. Is that something I can do online too? If so, that #&$T is bronken! Smh.........
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User Info: Zio_Dyne

4 years ago#14
Uhh...no...it's not......pretty sure the CPU doesn't have anything like that either. Not even Junknown.
Rage is a damage boost you get when your life falls below a certain point or you get hit with a tag assault.
You can tell it's in effect by their life bar flashing red, and them having colored streaks trailing behind the character.

User Info: RealomegaredRed

4 years ago#15
In ghost battle I've hit CPU with power punches and kicks and they somehow eat them up like ROCKY! LOL! The move would normally send them flying across the stage or leave them in crumble states but not when they are in ROCKY MODE!!!! They react differently as if it doesn't faze them. The crumble state move they recover from almost twice as fast. Not allowing me time for follow ups. Even the power hits they sometimes walk right through. All this happening in ghost battle in the beginning of matches. And yes they are glowing the whole fight. Two combos and your dead. Not a team, just one person against my two.
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" I'm commin' at you with razor blades and lemon juice!"

User Info: Zio_Dyne

4 years ago#16
Rage is specifically the streaks trailing off of them while the life bar flashes red.
It triggers earlier when you're playing solo. They can easily get Rage multiple times in the same round, especially if you hit them with Tag Assaults.
You generally never want to use Tag Assaults against a solo character.
There are also auras you can equip through customization that make you emanate colors or exude darkness or whatever, but those are just for show.
They don't have any effect on gameplay, unlike Rage.

You can do a quick recovery to get up as fast as possible by tapping either a punch or kick button when you hit the floor.
Whether you press a punch or kick will determine the side you get up on.
If they were able to recover, then it wasn't a true combo anyway.

Idk what you mean by walking through or being unfazed; I guess it would be too obvious to assume you mean they're side-stepping and blocking...dunno. Certain attacks do 'crush' other types of attacks though. Like for instance, if you try to sweep them, and they use a jumping attack like a hop-kick, they're going to beat you out every time. Similarly, moves that put you low to the ground like a sweep or whatever will beat highs. Kind of a common sense thing for the most part. Jumping over low stuff and ducking under highs.

The CPU happens to be amazing at this on higher difficulties because they're reading your inputs, and they don't need to think about how to react.
If you throw out a string that hits say mid-high-low, and they block the first hit, they're going to duck the second hit and launch you nearly every single time.
Just gotta be aware of it, and be a bit more careful with that stuff.

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