jungle and bounce are not that bad

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User Info: Raiku3555

5 years ago#1
when i got the game i was so pissed cause i was losing so munch but now since most players just spam the same jungle bounce all the time i just block and punish it becomes a lot easier when you play for a while and memorize the combos from characthers so you no when to block i can still jungle a bit whit a few characthers but dont really need it it seems and even if i no how too do a few i dont spam it non stop i like variety in a match

User Info: Taizuku

5 years ago#2
Jungle is one of my favorite genres
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User Info: LordRattergun

5 years ago#4
Tarzan DLC confirmed!
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User Info: Draconic_Seed

5 years ago#6
^Same as everybody else...launcher, filler, bound, finisher.

User Info: badjab326

5 years ago#7
Yeah the Brazil stage is godlike, I love it so much. And the breast physics are pretty good, but not as fanservicey as DoA5's
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User Info: silly_sausage

5 years ago#8
IGNGames posted...
LordRattergun posted...
Tarzan DLC confirmed!

I could see that. I wonder what his fighting style would be?

His fighting style would be Jungle Bounce because all he do is spam jungle and bounce.
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User Info: desi_shinobi

5 years ago#9
Can't beat some good old 90s Jungle music!
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