Critique my recent match plz!

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User Info: trm989

5 years ago#21
Well, today I tried using more pokes and less launchers. Basically, being more aggressive. I ended up having probably the worst day of Tekken in my entire life. I have no problem being aggressive with other characters. With Asuka, it just feels awkward.

User Info: Zio_Dyne

5 years ago#22
Cause Asuka is like the most defensive character in the game...
Offensive Asuka=Jun.

User Info: trm989

5 years ago#23
Then what's with some people telling me to be more aggressive with her? =/

When players play defensively against me, I'm basically forced to play defensively right back since her offense pretty much scares no one. Not sure how that makes me a "wuss" to some people here. lol. xD

User Info: STAR Jill

5 years ago#24
Nobody said to switch to a style that your comfortable with. There are two things you should keep in mind when you fight an opponent

1) Your opponent's fighting style

2) How your hitting your frames during the match itself

First is really important as it'll tell you if you should continue using the style your used to, or if you have to adapt a new one before switching to what you are comfortable with. The second one will tell you whether or not your luck and your juggles will be flowing smoothly within the match itself.

Don't just switch up suddenly!

User Info: zhaoyun99

5 years ago#25
First of all, use training mode against the CPU against the matchup that you had problem with. You should be aggressive with care. Try to trick your opponent with spacing. Dash forth or back. Sometime side step. The key to your turtle gameplay will be bait a safe low string and then defense against their attacks. You are using solo mode so you don't have much variation. Don't just be all aggressive since Asuka was known for her punisher. Wait for the chance to strike. You had more than one launcher, right? use it any of them as the situation called. As a counter type of player, I try to throw some string and make them attack. The key here is that CH was essential. CH yield a better damage than aggressive poking games. Poke a little bit than back to your usual style. Well, that's my suggestion as a DJ player. But Asuka fitted my style also so DJ strategy might work with her.
"Another has fallen to my spear!!!" Zhao Yun

User Info: Istillduno

5 years ago#26
Another newbie here so take this with a pinch of salt.

Asuka has some GDLK pokes you should be using more often.

Not saying you need to be running up to the opponent to use them or anything, but you should be establishing a space which says "one does not just walk in to Asuka ('s range)"

f+4 Long range safe high that knocks down and hits sidesteppers
ff+3 Long range mid that's safe on block
df+4 Long range kick that doesn't track but hits mid
ss+4 Longish ranged high that'll hit people trying to step

These will keep your opponent at the tip of your foot.

Also at closer range you have
df+1 Not the best df+1 in the world but it does it's job
b+4 On counterhit you get a juggle, on block it's safe
d+3+4 Safe counterhit juggle starter
And of course her throws

Btw, don't forget that you can get a launch when you hit with b+3 (the combo is b+3,4,3,2,1,1+2,!b)

She has other options but for turtling those are the first that come to mind, you can still hang back and wait for that launcher, but if you can get your opponent to respect your space with good poking (or frustrate the into trying to get in via less safe means) it'll be a lot easier.
Atlus are the harbringers of PS3 region locking, boycott P4 Arena.

User Info: trm989

5 years ago#27
Thank you everyone for all of your critique. :)

A lot of the basic stuff I already know, such as the juggle off of b+3. It's just I get sorta nervous when playing online and tend to have brainfarts ^_^" (ie: missing juggles, using odd moves, etc etc.)

User Info: STAR Jill

5 years ago#28
I have a solution to your match anxiety...ness? (I think that's a word, who knows?)

Basically go do a bunch of player matches 10, 20, 30, doesn't matter, just matters that you do A LOT of them. And as you play all of these matches, for most of them don't care about what the result is! Just go and play without a care in the world and you might find yourself less nervous about trying to win.

Also, if you go to practice mode and execute the same thing over 50 times or so, then you get conditioned into DOING what you are supposed to do, whether you like it or not many times

User Info: trm989

5 years ago#29
Asuka's just a frustrating character for me. I've spent 3+ years studying her and using her dating back to T6 and have only gotten decent with her. As opposed to me using Yoshimtsu, Anna, Alisa, Lili, and Zafina - all of whom I do fairly well with against online comp. Asuka just feels... slow. I just can't use her correctly or something idk. =/

User Info: STAR Jill

5 years ago#30
Then drop her.

Simple as that, some players just don't fit your play style
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