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User Info: lilaznboy77

5 years ago#1
Ive been a fan of tekken since tekken 4 but all ive done is do basic moves, not all these awesome juggles and stuff i see pros do. I am currently playing as jin, lars, and steve. and all i face are the cpu and i do basic combos against them. I don't even know how to do tag assaults. How long would it take for me to become decently good at this game? I just spam buttons with somewhat knowledge of what moves im pulling off.
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User Info: Violet_Lee

5 years ago#2
It all depends on how much time you're willing to spend actually trying to learn the game. You can spend 10 years playing it without learning a damn thing.

Getting good at the game involves, at first, reading and watching some tutorials about basic stuff, then learning stuff about your main character, then going to practice and getting execution consistency, and after that you can actually learn by playing.

The preparatory phase, you can waste like one good week on it if you really do your research well. After that, just play a lot and come back to practice mode here and there to experiment better combos and use defensive training to learn how to punish that attack people have been spamming on you and you don't know what to do about it.


Tekken Lab. Really, it's an intuitive way to learn. Just try and beat fight lab.

After that, go to: (open it in a tab and let it there while you research. you don't need to memorize everything, just take a peak at it everytime you see anyone talk or write in notations. you'll get used to it and start thinking in notation after a while) read all of them except the frame data one. watch TTT2 Tutorial 1, 2, 3 and 4.

This will give you all the fundamental and universal notions about the game. Now it's time to look for character specific stuff. First thing is to go to practice mode and try to do every move on your characters' movelist more than once, just to get a feel of his movelist.

Now go to and see if your main character either have Morning Bread and Butter episodes already, or if there is a Tekken 6 episode about them. If there is, watch it all the way through.

Now go to forums, go to TTT2's character strategy boards and search for your main characters. Read what people have to say about them for a while. Especially top 10 moves and the combo thread. Try to reproduce the best juggles on practice mode, keep on doing it until you get consistent. It might look really difficult at first, but if you train a little bit everyday, you'll get the muscle memory. If a combo looks too inconsistent or too difficult to pull off, try another one, or try to modify it and use easier filler/enders that you can consistently pull off. You'll get less damage, but you'll drop less combos.

It's better if you do your research WHILE playing, so everytime you read or watch something, you try to reproduce it on the training dummy.

The research (read, watch stuff), you can do in one day if you're eager to learn. Training mode practice to get consistency on juggles and stuff, I'd give it one week. Everyday of the week, go to practice and train the juggles for your best launchers on both side of the screen. As I've said, the notations for every juggle you need to know can be found on Tekken Zaibatsu forums, character strategy boards, combo thread. Use the Tekken Zaibatsu Notation link to understand the inputs for the juggles.

After you do all of that, you can go to online. You'll still lose a lot, but after the research, you'll at least know WHY you're losing, and you'll improve much faster. If you don't take your time and just go spamming stuff online, maybe you'll win easily at first, but you'll always lose against someone who knows how to avoid what you're spamming, so you will NEVER improve and will be stuck at low level forever.

User Info: Valkerion757

5 years ago#3
yeah do the fight lab, its not the best training mode imo, but its the best in terms of giving you an idea of what you can do. The rest requires some brain power from yourself to translate it into the actual game.
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