RIP Miss Lili

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User Info: Lexmark1989

4 years ago#31
Yep she was nerfed so what I still main her, she has never really been that good but harada for some reason seen fit to nerf her from the the alpha build at evo which I don't understand.
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User Info: Claudu

4 years ago#33
Sol_Maat posted...
Claudu posted...
wm4 posted...
Claudu posted...
....Her simplicity doesn't fit this game. Out with her.

So does Jin and Ganryu.

There's many easy to use or easy to deal damage characters in Tekken, but Lili is just simplistic, in every way imaginable.

Obviously you know nothing about running a good Lili. A simple move set does not mean the character is simple to play as or win with at high levels. Have a seat in the corner.

Oh really? There aren't too many "good" Lilis around. You know why? Because most people realize how simplistic she is and pick a different character. Few that stick with her are spamming the few useful moves she has over and over again (I'm not saying that it doesn't happen with other characters). No matter how you look at it, Lili wins the grand prize in simplicity.

User Info: FullAutoCVT

4 years ago#34
Jeez, people are still talking about this?
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User Info: Dewberry23

4 years ago#35
Sol_Maat posted...
As a Lili player who is still beating ass with her, I will just say that ff4, f2,3 and 3,1 are your new best friends. 1+2 is just as good as it was in T6, and still gives a free ff4 on CH.

IMO, all the BAD Lili players play the same because they spend entire rounds trying to get launchers, don't take advantage of her long range punishes, are inadequate at executing her vicious wakeup game (If you have ever fought a proficient Lili player it can be hell trying to get back up) and they also don't double-cancel her ff3 making it uber predictable and unsafe after awhile.

ff4 was always her go to power low move since DR. honestly thinking, what made lili weak in this game compared to BR is not what changes she got but the overall movement system being better allowing people in generall to move. Lili still has **** for tracking and long range pokes.
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User Info: Lexmark1989

4 years ago#36
^Yep pretty much that, if by the next game (hopefully in tk vs sf)this is resolved with her as far as tracking goes i'm gonna be angry.
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User Info: StarBladeEdge

4 years ago#37
ian_sanzo posted...
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