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User Info: ultradaved

5 years ago#1
I pretty much use slight variants of the samples (often with tag assaults) for his uf 4 and
FC DF 2.

1) Most importantly, what can you do after a successful low parry? All I've got is df 4,3, GS but that doesn't do much damage at all. There's also df 2,1, d 2+4, but it does less guaranteed damage since the second throws can be broken and the GS can be tech rolled.

2) Is there a point to d 1+2? Other than getting a F 1+2 for style (and less damage) or a tag f,f 1+2, I haven't found any new possibilities.

3) Also, FC DF 1 and CH db 3? Anything good out of those? I usually get lazy with a WS 4, d 3+4, 2

4) I never use WS 1+2 but it seems to have the same followups as uf 4. Is there any point to this move? Are there different combos available (other than tag combos)?

5) Finally, is there anything guaranteed out of any of his Irish whip variations (other than tag throw)? I do it sometimes as a botched muscle buster and I wonder if you can make any lemonade from that lemon. IW 2+4 followed by uf 2 hits sometimes, but I don't know if it's guaranteed.

Sorry for so many questions but I want to have a stronger King game and no, I don't spam multi-throws (I may admit to throwing a little more than is polite, though).

User Info: ultradaved

5 years ago#2
After the FC DF 1, I sometimes do WS 4, df 4, 3, 4 (does more damage), but that seems to miss sometimes.
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User Info: RarelessAltima

5 years ago#4
All the combo info for King and more you can find here, it's Tekken 6BR related but for the most part still applies to Tag2.

The in game 'sample' combos are okay, but there are some other useful options. My advice is to find the highest damage combos that you can pull off consistently. To answer your questions...

#1. I use Low Parry, f+3; d/f+4,3; f,hcf+1 (Air Throw)

#2. d+1+2; U/F, N, 4 (delayed hopkick) ; f+2,2,2 B!; You can end with either f+2+3 or f,f,F+2+4 (iSW)

#3. FC d/f+1; d/f+4,3; 1; b+2,1+2 B!; f+2+3 or f,f,F+2+4 (iSW)

CH d/b+3, WS 4, d+3+4, 2

#4. WS 1+2 (not very useful IMO) has the same follow ups as u/f+4

#5. The irish whip indeed has some guaranteed options:

b+1+2, 1+3

b+1+2, 2+4
>> u/f+2
>> 2 ground throw attempts (if opponent doesn't break 1st attempt)

b+1+2, 3+4
>>FC d/f+1
>>2 ground throw attempts (if opponent doesn't break 1st attempt)

Also be sure to check out Triple H & Dr. King on Youtube, they're two great King players with a lot of neat setups.

User Info: Syggys

5 years ago#5
Always tag buffer FC df2, taking off red life is really good.

1) You can get to the mid 40's with ff+3, df+43, f+1, iSW or iws+1,1,f+221,df+1,2 or b+3

2) d+1+2 is tag bufferable, and it crushes highs, but I think its like -18 on block, so use sparingly, save it for when you're 100% sure they're going to jab or high. You can take off toooons of red life if this connects though. Again, always tag buffer this, taking off red life is much better than doing a normal combo.

3) cc, df43, 1, b2,1+2, B! etc. (The cc (crouch cancel) just means tap up to cancel the FC state).

4) Nope, the standard combos work. I don't like this move at all though and never use it.

5) No idea, I never use it.

..polite? lol, **** that. GS all day baybee.
PSN: SygBoss

User Info: ZafinaFan

5 years ago#6
Not a King player, but I'll try and help you out (going by what I can perform and what I've seen other Kings do).

1. The most damage I can get without GS, iSW, or an air throw is 35 - df2,1, df4,3,4.

Goldeneggs was able to get 56 in T6 (part of max damage low parry vid), but I dunno if it's still possible (I tried f2,2 after low parry on Kazuya, but it didn't connect).

2. d1+2 should only be used as a high crush (ex: if a Mishima player does EWGF and you block and they go to do another EWGF d1+2 will high crush the second) or to punish raw tags as it's launch punishable on block, but it leads to a full B! combo which does massive damage.

I got d1+2, UF 4, b2,1+2 B! iSW for 78 damage (I'm sure you can get more).

3. FC df1 gives a full combo on hit: FC df1, FC d1 (do it fast), f1, b2,1+2 B!

CH db3, however, I don't think gives a full combo, BUT it may be possible on bigs since I was able to get CH db3, CC (crouch cancel), df4,3, f1, b2 on Kazuya (the B! part of b2,1+2 whiffed)*

I should also note that b2 was inconsistent on connecting as I think it depends on how fast you CC and do df4,3.

4. WS1+2 should be used as a tag launcher (entirely up to you though) since I don't think King has any other tag launchers besides d1+2 (not familiar with King so I could be wrong). I'm sure the same combo off his hopkick will work.

5. I don't know how to do any of his Irish Whip variations, but I do know that b1,2 is guaranteed after one of them.

Hope this somewhat helps.
They don't think it be like it is, but it do.

User Info: StonerJack

5 years ago#7
d 1+2 is almost useless. The range is no good, it's very very VERY punnishable when you consider it's unsafe on block and nearly ALWAYS whiffs. It's probably the one change I truly hate with King as he's been my main since Tekken 2.

However, after some experimentation with him, the move is great for setting up some damaging combos.

For example: d 1+2, U/F * 4, b 2, 1+2+5 (TA filler) iSW. Depending on the partner character I can net anywhere between 85 and 92 damage.

However it's a risky venture.
PSN: Mister_Raccoon
This post contains my own opinions and/or experiences. YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY. Come get eaten alive at Tekken Tag 2!

User Info: ultradaved

5 years ago#8
Great stuff, guys. Sadly, I didn't realize that f, d, N, DF 1 did the same thing as FC DF 1. When did that happen? It's still slow as hell, but King's so starved for lows that every little bit helps.

Not having a lot of luck with the CC. I can get the df 4,3 after the single CD 1 without CC, but I guess you need it after the combo where you do two of them. I kind of half-sidestep into the background before attacking and it gets the axis all messed up.

I never go for the IW on purpose (except to get behind the dummy in practice), but I'll admit that the occasional muscle buster comes out as a figure-4 or that piece of crap, much like how about 5-10% of my GS end up as QCF1 and get late-escaped. Is there anything following b 1+2, N? Since it's an accident, I don't always have the presence of mind to react.

Also, when discussing the crush system... lows have crushed highs and mids have crushed lows for several games, but I hear people griping about the crushes in this game as though something is new. Is it different from DR (the last Tekken I was any good at)?

User Info: Syggys

5 years ago#9
Why would you ever NOT tag buffer d+1+2?

ultradaved posted...
Great stuff, guys. Sadly, I didn't realize that f, d, N, DF 1 did the same thing as FC DF 1. When did that happen? It's still slow as hell, but King's so starved for lows that every little bit helps.

For some reason doing it after ss 2+4~B seems to really confuse poeple, mixed up with FC df2 and ss 2+4.
PSN: SygBoss

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