This depressing.

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User Info: OmegaDez

4 years ago#1
I play Asuka and Jun. And I keep getting called a spamming newb because of this.
This is quite hilarious since half of the time, it comes from Mishima players who keep spamming that jumping spinning kick of theirs... but I digress.

Why is there such a stigma associated with the Kazama girls? Can't I just play the game with the characters I like?

I'm depressed.
PSN : OmegaDez (The gamer formerly known as Sakura 26)

User Info: OmALY_03

4 years ago#2
Hi there. You must be new to online play.
Give me your MONEY!!!

User Info: LazyBro

4 years ago#3
Its Online... no mystery there.

User Info: Master_striker

4 years ago#4
Atleast you win....

User Info: Nisa20

4 years ago#5
Equip your thicker skin skill.
PS3 ID: MistyLear

User Info: erol312006

4 years ago#6
suck it up.. there only talking smack.

User Info: natsume20

4 years ago#7
They just suck that's why theh loooze.
Playing: Hatsune Miku Project Diva F, Tekken Tag Tournament 2

User Info: Ragiroth

4 years ago#8
Nisa20 posted...
Equip your thicker skin skill.

They should equip the "Not a sore loser skill".

I haven't really played online, but I do use them. Of course I'm good with them to lol.

User Info: BombermanGold

4 years ago#9

You seem to do fine.
"I will be your superhero!!!"
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User Info: Rock_Lee77

4 years ago#10
Don't feel bad about what they say. I had one guy in player match tell me to stop backing up all the time to avoid his attacks. I told him to adapt to my play style and his response was no he doesn't have to because he's good. I also said that there were people 10X better than me out there, but he says he respects those players but not me. Huh? lol

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