This game needs Azazel

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User Info: Crimson_Rex

5 years ago#21
_HeX posted...
SX9786 posted...
Yes. But remove the auto guard, shrink him, and remove some cheapo moves and more balanced ones(keep his laser though).

Imagine JDCR using Azazel. His Azazel would be stronger than Ultra Hard Azazel.

You pretty much just described True Ogre. Azazel does not need to be in this game, he sucked and was only in T6 thanks to a horrible storyline plot.

Except the only move that Azazel has from anyone else is the typical Devil beam. He has his own original move set. Just expand on that with even more original moves.
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User Info: FullAutoCVT

5 years ago#22
Azazel looks fun as heck to play as.

Even with nerfs, he could quickly become one of my favorite characters.
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User Info: KonaseRitsuko

5 years ago#23
GODmetalICE posted...
silly_sausage posted...
For completion's sake, sure. If there's one thing I hate in Fighting Games, it's non-playable boss characters. So yeah, more than any other character except maybe Julia (if Lee/Violet and Bob/Slim Bob get their own slots, then why not?), I'd love to see Azazel playable. I mean, I get that as he was in Tekken 6, he'd be completely broken, so maybe they could scale him to a more manageable True Ogre size, and adjust his moveset a little. And ban him from Ranked, just like Combot.

I think Azazel is a good Ogre replica!hahah

Not a replica, he got his own moves and doesn't breathe fire!

And if Namco is lazy they can always use his Tekken 6 model.

User Info: Shadow_Cloud

5 years ago#24
I love using his theme for the True Ogre stage.

User Info: KenGi1226

5 years ago#25
KFC has a bounty on Azazel.
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User Info: Se_Ryan

5 years ago#26
KenGi1226 posted...
KFC has a bounty on Azazel.

lul this ^

Also no @ TC, Azazel was a pretty forgettable punching bag.
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