Did anyone else pre-order the game and are glad they did?

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  3. Did anyone else pre-order the game and are glad they did?

User Info: Delkura

5 years ago#1
I keep seeing topics/posts asking when Angel, Ancient Ogre, Kunimitsu and Michelle will be released, if the Snoop Dogg stage will be released and if the swimsuits will be out as DLC. I made sure to pre-order just to make sure I wouldn't have to wait for all that and get the full game upon release. What about you guys?


5 years ago#2
I knew there would be like a 6 month wait so i'm glad I got my stuff when I did! All I had to do was put $5 down and pay the rest on release day :D
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User Info: aataru

5 years ago#3
Yes and yes.

User Info: TigerJackson_

5 years ago#4

and to people complaining "there are no gamestops around me!!" too bad. time to move into civilization.
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User Info: B_COW

5 years ago#5
I wish I had. Of course this is the first Tekken game I've ever played, and didn't even know about it until I wanted to get a new game.
Went to the store to get DOA5, walked out with TT2. I'd like to think I made the right choice....I want to play as A. Ogre nonetheless...
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User Info: silly_sausage

5 years ago#6
Didn't pre-order, but paid extra for the special edition with all four characters. And yeah, I'm glad I did, as the artbook is nice, and Kunimitsu and Michelle are two of my favourite characters. Though I still say dick move making those characters pre-order/CE exclusive in the first place, even if they'll be free for everyone later on.

If they released the characters free to everybody a week later, or hell, even day one, I wouldn't have minded at all, I wouldn't have had any sympathy for those that do mind, it wouldn't have de-valued my purchase in any way, despite the fact the characters were my main incentive.
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User Info: badjab326

5 years ago#8
Yes, but I didn't pre-order from gamestop and I didn't get any DLC since it was newegg. However, I emailed gamestop saying I didn't get my DLC code and they sent me one within the next two weeks. Success.
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User Info: bIuerain

5 years ago#9
Yea but I didn't preorder from GS. I got it from Amazon and missed out on Kuni and A. Ogre. I had no idea they were GS-only.
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User Info: Amazak

5 years ago#10
aataru posted...
Yes and yes.
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  3. Did anyone else pre-order the game and are glad they did?

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