Did anyone else pre-order the game and are glad they did?

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  3. Did anyone else pre-order the game and are glad they did?

User Info: LordRattergun

5 years ago#21

I preordered the game and I'm.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYvS9wj5xN0&feature=plcp
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5 years ago#22
I did and glad I did.

Namco did good with this game here and tons of free DLC and offline stuff to keep you playing, But I haven't really put much time into this as I should for Borderlands 2,PASBR Beta, and DOA 5 have been eating up my gaming time.

I MUST start my TT2 training and building my roster!!! But then I just bought One Piece from the PSN store....Need more time!!!

User Info: retep_one

5 years ago#23
yes and so happy i did.

User Info: Scc_Defender

5 years ago#24
unceramonius posted...
tanji...AUSTRALIA.....not america.

Also to the one stating eb had it for $89......the we are tekken edition was $109.....dont kid yourself, it is not free.

I do not have to decide if i think its worth it, etc. A preorder bonus is just that. Why does it matter where i pre order? Why should i get ripped of at eb when i get it cheaper by a mile at kmart?

So now we have game companies taking your rights away with online passes.....locking out content.....and now telling you where to shop?

What next? Consoles giving you the "arcade experiance" at home by making you pay each time you play?

Pfftttt.....what utter garbage. I will never buy from eb, ever.

Because if KMart had the same preorder bonus as EB Games, there would be no point in preorderng at EB. Period.
They do it in order to maintain some type of competition against companies like JB, K Mart and Big W.

And as I said, Ripped Off is a matter of opinion. I personally believe paying extra for quality content is okay, provided the content is worth the money. In this case, it was. There are people that will agree with me, and there are people that will disagree with me.
Either way, I'm loyal to EB because of the customer service.
I'm someone whose willing to fork out that little bit extra, if it means talking to someone who is genuinely interested, and offers great service.

Also, if you believe game companies are doing anything bad by you, by releasing things like Online Passes... Just pay the extra money and buy it new. From wherever. Instead of complaining about it.
Because without things like Online Passes, Preowned would dominate (more than it already does) the retail market, and they'd make less profit.
Less profit shows developers that a game isn't as popular, more of a chance it won't be continued any further.

I couldn't care less about Retailers making money. What I do care about, is being treated well, and my favorite developers making more games.
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User Info: unceramonius

5 years ago#25
No online passes are garbage. When you sell your car....will you give some money back to the car company? When you upgrade your tv....maybe give some coin back to the maker?

How about when you buy some new shoes, or clothes? You have out grown your old clothes.....you gave them to your brother.....the makers get nothing!!!!

Quit being delusional. Developers will get the money if the game is outstanding ( which ttt2 is mind you).

The onus is on them, and them alone to create a game worth buying. Locking content, online passes , and preorder bullcrap is not the smart way to go about it. How has this game sold mmm?

So maybe tekken 7 goes like this, to "compete" as you put it. Kmart wants to domiante sales, so lili and jin are exclusive to them. Eb....also wants some action so kazuya and steve are exclusive to them. Dont forget big w....they get jun and asuka.

Oh eventually, we will all get to use these characters.....maybe. But please buy my game full price brand new and shut up about it.

Sound ridiculous to you? It is

Maybe next, blu rays come with noly half the movie because jb hi fi has exclusive rights to it mmm? Pathetic

And eb is a garbage store. They blatanly gut their games and pass off second hand/returned copies as brand new.
Insanity leads to chaos then to solitude, the fruitless effort of adding meaning to what is meaningless!!!

User Info: erol312006

5 years ago#26
i bought mine at target day one.. played everyday since... around 2 weeks after the dlc characters were put out.... i desided to try gamestop and beg them for a lost code for all pre order dlc... well after a few days they sent me codes for everything i was missing bikini and all...... tha ks gamestop....
i love this game.... glade i bought it....

User Info: Lun-Sei

5 years ago#27
Delkura posted...
I keep seeing topics/posts asking when Angel, Ancient Ogre, Kunimitsu and Michelle will be released, if the Snoop Dogg stage will be released and if the swimsuits will be out as DLC. I made sure to pre-order just to make sure I wouldn't have to wait for all that and get the full game upon release. What about you guys?

I have all of the preorder dlc, all of it.

I still think it's really, really lame to make other people wait so long before getting that stuff. Ok, maybe they can wait for extra bikini outfits.... but four characters? Four characters that me and other people are already playing and learning?? I thought Namco would have already released them by now. Lame.
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User Info: DeusMortem

5 years ago#28
I did not pre-order but I don't really care about the DLC as Miguel and Dragunov are my unquestionable mains. Should have gotten the game on release though: It's great!
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User Info: dancingwaters9

5 years ago#29
badjab326 posted...
Yes, but I didn't pre-order from gamestop and I didn't get any DLC since it was newegg. However, I emailed gamestop saying I didn't get my DLC code and they sent me one within the next two weeks. Success.

I did the same thing, I don't remember if it was you who suggested it to me, if it was you, thank you, I got my code in 3 days after I e-mailed them. Loving Michelle
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User Info: natsume20

5 years ago#30
I'm glad Namco didn't disappoint me and waste my money on this game.
Playing: Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tales of Xillia
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