Harada needs to be brave and introduce

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User Info: Syggys

5 years ago#61
Fo_Fai posted...
TwistedSenses posted...
unceramonius posted...
Meh....im just sick of every online match being the same
Match starts...yep...back dash away and wait....sigh

Why do you attempt to play a game you clearly do not enjoy?
Juggle/combo breakers are a very delicate thing to add, but Tekken doesn't need it. Trying to 'deepen' or add more sophistication to Tekken is just not being respectful and appreciating everything else in the game. Furthermore, it would actually render a few characters entirely worse; not every character has insane juggles, but what little they have would be outright mitigated.

The game clearly is focused on juggles. Stop denying reality.

ALL fighting games are focused on maximizing damage. Even if you take juggles out people will still find ways to do this, and they always have, long before "combos" were even an intentional mechanic like today.
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User Info: Pirate_Duck

5 years ago#62
Tsunade11 posted...
LazyBro posted...
Tekken 5 had walls.

You guys get the point every single incarnation of Tekken has had dramatic changes to its gameplay. It's just the Tekken dont want to do,much with Tekken's aerial combat because this would upset the games veterans.

I however fully support radical developments like juggle breakers and evasive high jumps, it'll bring more to the game and at the same time be a little more welcoming for novices. Plus sales will increase.

Or, you know, Harada doesn't want them either? Maybe THATS how he's being "brave"?
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User Info: TwistedSenses

5 years ago#63
ITT: I don't want Tekken to be Tekken.
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User Info: Pirate_Duck

5 years ago#64
Fo_Fai posted...
ashcrv posted...
Fo_Fai posted...
You need juggles to even dominate a match. This is true of even low level play. Oh, and nice trolling.

I rarely even use juggles and I still manage to win. And today I didn't use the mat all actually and beat someone who did some crazy tag juggles. Yeah. You don't need juggles at all.

Yeah you kinda do. There's a difference between managing to win and DOMINATING A MATCH

This doesn't make any sense; juggles are a reward for domination, not the other way around. If you're losing only because your opponent knows how to juggle well, then you are doing something very wrong.
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User Info: FullAutoCVT

5 years ago#65
You know what this game really needs? Joseph Kony as a DLC character!
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User Info: retep_one

5 years ago#66
if you think you lose against your opponent bec of juggles you are doing something wrong. esp if you think you got dominated bec you got juggled all the time or a high damaging combo was dished out, you aint adjusting to your opponent and doing some counter measures or playing good D. most wins or losses arent even attributed to juggles unless the players falls for the same trick repeatedly
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User Info: BlackShinobi13

5 years ago#67
Tsunade11 posted...
Black shinobi I fully am aware that juggle breakers will have a big impact on my game play because as I mentioned before I also frequently juggle players as elected punishers and counters, I've reached a stage where I feel it will be in the interests of the series if a juggle, not combos because we have many options to deal with ground combos, it's just juggles that have reached a stage where they are abused and they're making gameplay become monotonous when that is all people have to offer.

Lets take an example I would love to use a 17 frame heinously unsafe (-10)on block move but because I know the consequences of my actions I do not, so I am playing a system that encourages players to play it safe sticking to 9 frame jabs and having and ideal scenario of baiting a launch and unleashing 10 hit plus juggles that take at least 80% damage.

Which fighting game doesn't encourage people to play safe?

Tsunade11 posted...

I've also frequently played against people who elect to stand back and be patient, whilst I respect that some people prefer playing in this way, however, I would hate for the overall gameplay to be heading in this direction. People who take risks do not get rewarded proportional to those relying on caution.

It's not heading in that direction its always been in that direction, this is the same thing people say when they think juggles are new and don't realize they have been in since tekken one. Tekken didn't become about being patient, it was always about that, people are just realizing it now because they are playing people other than those who come over to their house. What you're saying is that you play recklessly and you want the game to reward your recklessness instead of you learning to calm down and learn patience.

Tsunade11 posted...

Furthermore, I am a big supporter of bounds but I do not support 12+ hit aerial juggles that leave opponents helpless to the extent they might as just put down their joysticks for the round because that the end of that, a Lars player has me up in the air we all know it's over now wait till the next round.

Thinking a round is over before it is over is a hallmark of a bad player, saying things like this doesn't help your argument that you know what you are talking about.

Tsunade11 posted...

As I mentioned before I love tekken and am an avid player, I just think that progressing aerial combat by giving players more options, we have reversal, we techs, we have parries, we have rolls all these options available why not juggle breakers, it's about time.

You just named a list of options and none of them work while you are getting hit, which is why none of them is a good comparison to what you would like to add.

Tsunade11 posted...
I am fully aware that juggles breakers will affect my win/gameplay but I welcome the challenge, it's about time because it doesnt take much skill to pull off a crippling juggle. If this is incorporated, which i doubt then it'll be a game changer.

It won't be incorporated because it's not a good idea. Have you ever heard any competitive players petitioning for juggle breakers? I have personally never had anyone who can beat me in Tekken ever mention that juggles need to be nerfed. Its always people who are sick of losing to them.

I've taught a lot of people how to play fighting game over the years and I've found that this type of complaining goes away almost 100% of the time once you teach someone how to beat the the thing that they are losing to. I understand that people want to win, but win by practicing and learning and not by asking for what you think will nerf the thing you think you are losing to.

User Info: I_phantom

5 years ago#68
They already added Tag Crash as a "get out of Oki free" card. There is absolutely no need for another mechanic like that.

User Info: unceramonius

5 years ago#69
Oh and item moves...another great added gameplay mechanic mmm?
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User Info: theycallmeslims

5 years ago#70
unceramonius posted...
Oh and item moves...another great added gameplay mechanic mmm?

did WTF ban you yet booster?
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