Which was Yoshimitsu's best outfit EVER!?!

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User Info: TigerJackson_

4 years ago#31
FullAutoCVT posted...

-This one was more streamlined than his canon one, had the classic lightsaber, and that awesome flamewheel

he even appears that way in SC mode when you fight him. what the hell's up with that, why use his P2 and not his P1?
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User Info: Demento01

4 years ago#32
T2 1P, and T3 1P definitely >
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User Info: forge76

4 years ago#33
Looks like Bugimitsu is taking the lead.

I sent a tweet to Harada about my retro costume pack idea. No answer yet. Might be a touchy subject for him, or its been asked before.

I know developers hate it when they come up with new designs/models and players prefer the old school stuff. Matt Tieger got salty when he realized how much more popular G1 Optimus was than his iteration for FoC.

User Info: EvilSakurai

4 years ago#34
Delkura posted...
Yoshimitsu's T4 costume.
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User Info: derl30

4 years ago#35
Tekken 3. no contest. Thats the first and last time I thought Yoshimitsu was cool. Tekken 4 put a damper on that though.

User Info: NakMachine

4 years ago#36
T4 bug costume.

Since T5 his P1 outfits are getting too saturated, with too many details and things like that. I look at him and don't know what i am supposed to look at.

Just keep it simple Namco.
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User Info: Quetzalma

4 years ago#37
Tie between P1 from Tekken 3 and P1 from Tekken 5

User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#38
Tekken 3 P2 armor.
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User Info: roladpf

4 years ago#39
His Tekken 2 1P outfit is very cool. the Jingasa hat makes it better, and some of his face you can see. Later on his outfits look too mechanical for the most part.

User Info: FullAutoCVT

4 years ago#40
I think his T6 P1 had potential (ninja scorpion zombie) but they just had too much going on in it. Though I strongly dislike his TTT2 outfit, I respect that they made it a little more simplistic. For the next game, I want him to have less bulky armor and less bells and whistles. I swear, he has more junk hanging off of him nowadays than the original P. Jack.
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